UNITED STATES—There was a lot of talk as to which teams would qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoff Final this year and now that we have the answer we can probably agree that the Boston Bruins and the St. Louis Blues deserve to be there. They can now use the short break to get fully ready for what promises to be a spectacular duel.

Betting operators have also been busy using the break to come out with the best odds possible for the event. Bookmakers have long considered betting on the NHL as one of their main priorities and as such have put a lot of thought and resources into it.

One of the features that betting providers have particularly focused on is providing betting enthusiasts with live sports streaming from the sports events that bettors have placed bets on. This novel innovation was started by the biggest betting companies a few years ago, but now most betting operators have it as a compulsory feature in addition to betting.

Following a live stream of the NHL Playoffs Final can be particularly helpful if you are betting on the myriad of live betting markets which bookmakers offer for the Bruins versus Blues matches. Watching the action as it unfolds right in front of your eyes can be really helpful when choosing which team to back in the in-game betting markets.

We will also try to help in this regard and will look at some key things which might decide the winner of the playoff final. Boston Bruins are the slight favourites coming into the finals, but they will have to dominate in the three areas we will just list in order to justify that tag.


Rookie Jordan Binnington on one side and the highly experienced Tuukka Rask on the other will represent quite a stark age contrast during the final series. In addition to this, the two goaltenders will also be a major deciding factor in the outcome of the final.

Both of these goaltenders have had an important role in helping their sides reach the Stanley Cup Final and now both of them will have to continue what they do best and hope that their team triumphs in the end.

Rask has had a long and highly productive career, but even by his standards this season was an unprecedented success. He was especially good during the playoffs and will hope that he will continue that form going into the final.

Binnington on the other hand, stopped 75 of 77 shots he faced over the last three games leading into the final and if you are an avid hockey follower, you will now that the .974 save percentage he achieved is absolutely unbelievable.

Form and Momentum

You cannot make your way all the way up to the final without being in excellent run of form. Both of these teams have been on impressive runs coming into the final, but only one will keep that momentum going and Game 1 will tell us which of the Blues and the Bruins will continue their winning streak. Winning that first game will be crucial.

Currently, the Bruins are on a seven game winning run in which they have put 28 goals past the opposition’s goaltender and have only conceded 9. Similarly, the Blues are on a three match winning run and have won 6 of their last 8 games. In that three-game winning run against the San Jose Sharks the Blues scored 12 and only conceded 2.

Battle of the Coaches

One of the reasons why the Boston Bruins are slight favourites going into the final is their coach Bruce Cassidy. Cassidy is hailed as a master tactician and strategist and it is said that his team never plays the same way in two consecutive matches.

On the other side will be Craig Berube, who is known for being a very good motivator of men. He transformed the Blues from a team that was rock bottom into potential Stanley Cup winners and that shouldn’t go unnoticed as well.