CALIFORNIA—Uber’s newest service, Uber Express Pool, has launched in the city of Los Angeles. Riders will now be able to carpool to their destination of choice quicker than before.

The new express pool service provides the navigation system with ideal pick-up zones. By having riders walk a small distance to an accessible corner, the amount of time drivers spend picking up fellow poolers will be reduced.

To take advantage of the new express pool option in the Uber app, go to the POOL option that is frequently used by customers, where there will be a slider for the express pool option. From there, the app will provide additional details including the driver’s ETA and car information. Directions will also be provided to users on where to walk to meet their driver. 

After being dropped off, patrons may be required to walk a short distance to their final destination. Uber has indicated that these walks will never be more than a few blocks in distance.

Boston and San Francisco were the first to test and implement the express pool service in winter 2017. It is now available in Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Miami, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.