HOLLYWOOD—I predicted last week that the supernatural thriller, “A Quiet Place” would reclaim its throne at the box-office after taking a temporary seat from the Dwayne Johnson action-flick “Rampage.” “A Quiet Place” returned to the top spot earning $22 million during its third weekend in theaters. To date the flick has earned over $130 million at the domestic box-office.

Dropping to second place was last weekend’s champ, “Rampage” with $21 million. The flick now sits at a modest $66 million on the domestic scale. Let’s just say this flick will struggle to cross the $100 million mark at the box-office especially with the summer box-office season kicking off this weekend. The Amy Schumer comedy “I Feel Pretty” earned a solid $16.2 million. I’m not sure why people expected the film to draw in larger numbers at the box-office, its PG-13 and its premise is not one that leaves potential spectators salivating to want to see it.

Comedy was indeed strong at theaters, with “Super Troopers 2” debuted in fourth place with a respectable $14.7 million. Considering the first installment hit theaters nearly 16 years ago, I’d argue that is very impressive. Rounding out the top five was the supernatural thrill ride “Truth or Dare” with $7.9 million. The movie has since earned over $30 million at the domestic box-office far surpassing what it cost to make the flick, so in the studio’s eyes that is a hit.

It all changes this weekend, as “Avengers: Infinity War” hits theaters America. The flick is already outpacing presale tickets compared to what “Black Panther” did in February. Does this mean we could see the film earn the largest debut of all time topping “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” It is very possible and we might be seeing history in the making at the box-office. If you haven’t already gotten your tickets you might want to do so now, because “Infinity War” is certain to sell-out all over.