LAUREL CANYON—A cooperative of preservation groups purchased 17-acres of mountain ridge property in Laurel Canyon, as part of an effort to safeguard wildlife habitats in the area.

According to Tony Tucci, the chair of the Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife, the ridge land was purchased for $1.6 million and was sourced through contributions from more than 400 people.

Eagles band member Don Henley is one of the residents and visitors of the area who contributed to the campaign. In a statement, Henley said that “these resources are precious both in terms of wildlife habitat and in terms of the human history that resides there.”

The property was purchased after its former owner began looking for a buyer more than two years ago. Jamie Hall, the president of the Laurel Canyon Association, presented the preservation idea to the owner, who accepted and offered Hall a largely discounted rate, as well as a 26-month escrow.

According to Tucci, Laurel Canyon has roughly 1,100 undeveloped, privately owned tracts of land.

The fundraising for the purchase began in 2015. It is the brainchild of the Laurel Canyon Assn. and Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife. The parcel is to be managed by the Mountain Recreations and Conservation Authority. While there are currently no parks, trails, or public facilities on the land, the Conservation Authority could choose to develop them at a later date.