HOLLYWOOD—It seems the month of October has been big for the soaps on CBS. Last week Caroline dropped the bomb on Ridge about her affair with his son Thomas on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” while this week “The Young and the Restless” finally decided to unveil the truth about Gabriel Bingham aka Adam Newman. FYI, the month of November will see “General Hospital” reveal the truth about Jake Doe aka Jason Morgan.

Adam has been making waves in Genoa City as Gabriel, a man who ironically went to school with Nicholas Newman aka Adam’s brother. Chelsea was in plenty of hot water after it surfaced she has known about Adam’s return to town for weeks and has kept the information from those closest to her including her former flame Billy Abbott. Yes, Billy was none too pleased to come face-to-face with the guy who was responsible for the death of his daughter Delia.

To make matters worse, Billy discovered that his own brother Jack kept that he knew who Adam was for weeks as well. Damn, can a guy catch a break? Of course, the acting from Burgess Jenkins was phenomenal; one can’t help, but wonder what type of performance might be delivered by Billy Miller who portrayed the iconic character for years on the soap. Adam is having a pretty bad week in town, because when news of his father Victor learned of his deception all hell broke loose. Victor shouldn’t be too surprises because Adam is a splitting image of him; he created the monster, so now it’s time for him to deal with it. When he greeted his presumed dead son with a punch to the face, I was a bit stunned.

Seeing Jack and Victor go toe-to-toe about morality was ironic; the two gentlemen in Genoa City who get away with almost everything they want found themselves in deep water for their devious deeds. Sins from the past always have a way of haunting you.

Sage found herself in even hot water with Victoria who wanted to act all high and mighty; give me a break, this character is such a joke at times you can’t take her serious. One minute she is her father’s pet, the next she wants to stand on her own. Nick was livid when he discovered his wife had been deceiving him, not to mention that she is carrying Adam’s child! She was just toying with Nick, but she was damn serious when she spewed those words to her hubby. Nick hates being lied to so this relationship might be dunzo.

The Paragon project was implemented by Adam Newman and the nefarious Ian Ward, who thank God was carted off to jail. Now the big question is what will happen to Adam. I mean he has to be carted off to jail for Delia’s murder right? I can’t see how this guy will charade around town as if nothing ever happened.

The Adam reveal is not the only bombshell on the CBS soap. The truth about Neil being responsible for Hilary’s disappearance is indeed heating up. Neil’s bed buddy Gwen has been spying on him for weeks and discovered that he is behind Hilary’s disappearance. I’d like to see Neil do his best to explain himself out of this situation. I can only imagine how Lily and Devon will react when they learn the news. I have the wildest fear that Mr. Winters could be pushed to commit murder to keep the truth from coming out.

“The Young and Restless” really set the stage this week on dropping a bombshell that will have ripple effects for weeks to come in Genoa City.