HOLLYWOOD—Wow, like wow that was real quick. We just saw Adam Newman return to Genoa City and “The Young and the Restless” a few weeks ago and he has already gotten his memory back. C’mon, what the hell with the rush people. Let it soak, let it marinate a bit. Nope, Adam has caused so much ire with the residents of Genoa City it’s no surprise someone fired a bullet at him.

At first, I thought the notion of Adam not remembering anything to be quite convenient. However, as the story evolved it makes perfect sense, but pictures of Delia, and seeing Christian seemed to jog little to nothing for the wicked one. The more that he dug, the more he was horrified to discover his past. Nick and Victoria were not pleased to see their brother return from the dad, yet again, Billy was livid to know the man who killed his daughter still hasn’t served justice and Jack, Abby and the rest of town were left speechless.

Frustrated with his past, Adam decided it was time to go back to Las Vegas, but he wouldn’t get that opportunity. Why? Someone fired a bullet in his chest. So the big mystery of the hour now becomes, who shot Adam Newman. I know there are plenty of people on the suspect list, but the people I’m referring to aren’t even in GC right now. Who are those candidates? Hmm, let’s see how about Chelsea Newman, Kevin Fisher or wait for it Chloe? Yeah, we all know all three of these characters are slated to return to “The Young and the Restless” in coming weeks.

I mean Chloe blew up a cabin trying to get justice for her daughter, and if she learns that Adam is still alive and breathing she will stop at nothing to get justice. I’m stoked to learn these three characters are returning because the level of drama they will bring to the foray will be epic. The problem is Adam knows his shooter, is covering his tracks, and has many wondering it can’t be that easy. So who is Adam protecting America, we know it’s not Chloe, could it be Chelsea who shot him? I mean he did request the presence of two individuals, and the only two people I can think of him wanting to see more than anyone else is Connor and Chelsea.

As characters return, we bid adieu to Mia and Arturo Rosales. Arturo is the father of Mia’s baby and the two realized they belong together and headed back to Miami to live their life. With that being said, the matriarch of the Rosales family Celeste (Eva La Rue) is slated to come to town. At first I thought the entire Rosales clan was about to be wiped clean, but the arrival of mom will change all the dynamics I assume. Kyle and Lola’s relationship is stronger than ever; they’re talking about moving in together, but it seems a major thorn is surging in Summer who is scorned.

Summer has her own problems because she betrayed her mother, Phyllis who is out for blood. She is mad at the world, and she wants to take the Abbotts down in a major way. All I can say is that Jack, Kyle, Billy, Nick and any person who scorned Phyllis is about to feel her wrath. Here’s the big caveat: I suspect whatever explodes, which lead to the transition from Gina Tognoni to Michelle Stafford assuming the role she created. I love Tognoni, but there is nothing like seeing the actress who created the character to resume the role; think Steve Burton ala Jason Morgan “General Hospital” people.