HOLLYWOOD—Looks like the sins of Adam Newman’s past are about to haunt in ways that he never expected. Last week, the unspeakable happened as the evil spawn of Victor Newman found himself kidnapped. Chelsea is running around town like a lost puppy doing all in her power to solve the mystery, just as to who took her hubby and Connor’s dad from her. Hmm, my first instinct noted that maybe, just maybe Chloe hasn’t settled on seeking justice for her daughter.

Adam’s sudden disappearance has Victor on edge who suspects that Luca and the Santori clan are responsible for his son’s sudden disappearance. I mean we’re already well aware Adam and Luca were working secretly to deliver a knockout punch to their fathers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Victor is the one keeping his son held captive. Luca is adamant that daddy dearest wouldn’t implement such a plan as his father doesn’t operate in such a manner. Luca’s face lights with jealousy each time he spots Noah and Marissa conversing or sharing a moment.

I mean let’s be real, Marissa is more into Noah than ever; she kept from the police that he was the one who struck Billy Abbott with his vehicle and then fled the scene of the crime. Noah is rattled unlike the viewer has ever seen him before. At any given moment, it seems the noble one could snap and blurt out the truth, but not if Victor and Marissa has anything to say. Guess it’s lucky for Noah that Billy has miraculously awakened from his coma. Yes people, Burgess Jenkins is out and Jason Thompson is in as the new face of the Abbott family.

Rather Thompson is able to fill in those shoes once held by Billy Miller has yet to be scene. I’d say once the bad boy is out of the hospital and moving around town the audience will have a better idea of precisely what Thompson is capable of doing with the character. That hacker friend Kevin secretly eluded to weeks ago, Natalie has arrived in Genoa City, and I must say she looks like a geekier version of Chloe. Maybe it’s just me. But Kevin’s new pal has some serious hacking skills so much to the point that she seems to be in the middle of the Santori and Newman feud with Adam caught in the middle.

It will be interesting to see how things unfold in the coming weeks. A bit more madness in Genoa City involves the ongoing love triangle involving Devon, Hillary and Neil. Yep, Hillary is still unable to recover her previous memories and is still in love with Neil. Neil did his best to resist temptation, but found himself getting cozy with his ex in the Jabot offices. Unfortunately, they were unaware that Devon witnessed the whole thing, which unleashed a bit of fireworks for Lily who called out her nemesis on her antics. Hey Lily, you might want to take a moment and think about what you say. Aren’t you the same person that cheated on your husband with a guy that tried to frame your husband and held you captive?

Lovebirds Stitch and Abby had a bit of a rift thrown into their honeymoon plans because Stitch’s son has arrived in GC and he is not the biggest fan of Abby. Considering Abby is so young, it’s a treat to watch her do her best to be a step mom to her hubby’s son who has been away from his father way too long. This might be just what Ashley needs to ensure the relationship between her son-in-law and daughter goes kaput.

I wish the writers would move this narrative along involving Dr. Anderson. We know she has some sort of agenda against the Newman clan and is utilizing Sharon as her key to get in between Nick and Sage. The slight problem is Nick is starting to question Dr. Anderson’s motives and it doesn’t help that Sage isn’t too fond of Sharon’s savior either.

I mean Sage is secretly spending time with her ‘son’ and has no idea. Imagine the fallout when the truth comes out that Sully is indeed Nick and Sage’s son, scratch that, Sage and Adam’s son. Yep, I’m certain that little bundle of joy belongs to Adam, so a major firestorm will be unleashed on Nick Newman yet again in the coming weeks I expect. With February sweeps about a week away, viewers should expect that mystery with Dr. Anderson to come to light, as well as seeing the mastermind behind Adam’s kidnapping.