HOLLYWOOD—Can you believe it after waiting what seemed like years, “The Young and the Restless” have finally brought Adam Newman back to the foray. I will admit Michael Munhey made the character iconic, and Justin Hartley came on board and made the character his own. That is very difficult to do in the soap arena and a rare accomplishment to say the least. Rather Mark Grossman can fill the shoes previously held by Munhey and Hartley only time will tell, but it looks like “Y&R” is finally looking to bring back a worthy villain to the soap world.

So at last, the audience finally knows exactly what Victor has been up to with all those secret trips to Las Vegas. At first I thought it would be Victoria who would discover what dear ole dad was up to, but nope, it’s the one woman who I secretly think has always held a special place in Adam’s heart. That person is Sharon. Yes, Rey was hired by Nikki to find out exactly what her hubby was up to. Rey confronted a psychiatrist that Victor had apparently hired. As Rey and Sharon dug, Victor was forced to spill the truth to Sharon.

Yes, he admitted that Adam Newman is very much alive and did not die in that cabin explosion. Sharon was flabbergasted by the revelation. Not just because Adam was alive, but Victor wanted her to travel back down a slippery slope to help Adam. Hmm, I see where this is headed, another complicated love triangle just when Sharon was in a happy place with Rey, her former lover Adam returns from the grave. Sharon is afraid to go down that rabbit hole, and once Rey learned all the mayhem Adam put Sharon thru, he should be worried if he regains his memory.

Yes, Adam has amnesia and cannot remember anything before the explosion. So typical in the soap world America, but I sense Adam’s return is about to deliver some juicy stories in the coming weeks. Why? Melissa Claire Egan is slated to reprise her role as Chelsea Newman. Remember last time we say Chelsea she was on the run with Connor after being exposed by Phyllis of all people. This should be epic fun because it will give Nick something to do, not to mention it changes everything for Nick with Christian. Remember Christian is Adam’s son, not Nick’s, and Adam never came face-to-face with his child with Sage.

Oh, this is perfect timing to see some iconic characters return to “Y&R” to infuse a bit of drama to the soap, which has been lackluster a bit lately. Kyle and Lola finally consummated their relationship, which has scorned Summer to a degree. I mean they’re married, and they have to work together, and it’s causing all types of friction at Jabot. It was just a matter of time before Summer’s antics came back to haunt her, but we also know how devious Summer can be when she wants something. Remember her seduction of Billy?

In other relationship news in the Rosales family, it seems Mia and Arturo just can’t keep their hands off one another. They sunk their relationships and there isn’t much they can do to change the outcome at this point, but Paul cuffed Mia as the clues about her role in Lola’s attack came to light. And perhaps in one of the most out of left-field moves, I sense the writers might be pairing Cane and Traci? It feels that way, but I cannot be 100 percent certain. Also it is fun to finally see Devon move on after Hilary with Elena of all people, someone who has suffered an immense loss in her lifetime as well.

So Adam Newman is about to be the catalyst for the return of some major “Y&R” characters, I’m sensing November sweeps will be epic compared to May sweeps.