HOLLYWOOD—The backstabbing reached a calculated point during the mid-season finale of “ Dallas” on Monday night. Before the episode wrapped multiple lives were left hanging in the balance thanks to a fire at the Southfork Ranch and a intimate encounter occurred that John Ross (Josh Henderson) will never forget.

The episode “Where There’s Smoke” saw Bobby (Patrick Duffy) laying down the law with his unrighteous nephew John Ross. Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) learning about her hubby’s transgressions were none to pleasing. She’s already been betrayed multiple times, so this was the dagger in the chest that would deliver ripple effects.

Elena (Jordana Brewster) questioned her quest for vengeance with Nikolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace), as issues involving John Ross and Drew (Kuno Becker) mounted. It appears the dark side of Elena is feeling a bit of remorse for her devious actions.  John Ross got the goods on Candace who was an instrument used by Ryland Harris (Mitch Pileggi) to take out the competition. Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) and Ann (Brenda Strong) did their best to reason with Pamela about not revealing the truth of her hubby’s betrayal. It was quite controversial to say the least; those ladies should have spoken the truth quite some time ago, I mean how did they expect her to react.

As one crisis takes place so does another as Heather (AnnaLynn McCord) was on pins and needles with her son being kidnapped by her ex. Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) did his best to keep his new beau on calm waters. I wonder how quickly Christopher would ditch Heather if Elena came running back? John Ross confronted Judith Ryland (Judith Light) about her involvement in her son’s scheme to take him down. She made threats, so did John Ross, the entire time Emma (Emma Bell) secretly listened to the conversation.

Emma is a tricky character; she’s young so that explains her impulsiveness, but the same time she has a dark streak that emerges when she’s enraged. Drew’s return didn’t come unnoticed as Elena and his mother did their best to keep things under wraps, but Nikolas not so much. He sent his cartel crew to hunt down his childhood friend before he could blow his cover. To make matters worse he pierced Elena’s contraceptive pills and then had sex with her. Looks like the super suave businessman is willing to do evil things to get what he wants.

The highlight of the episode culminated with Pamela catching Emma and John Ross in bed, but instead of sending rage to those who betrayed her, she asked the duo to join her in a threesome! Yes, it was indeed an envelope pusher for the series, but it didn’t end well when it was revealed that Pamela overdosed on pills before the tryst.  I think this was all apart of her plan, to frame Emma and John Ross for their bad behavior. The episode wrapped with an enraged Bo heading to the Southfork Ranch vowing vengeance, but did he really start the fire that left Sue Ellen, Bobby and Christopher fighting for their lives? I don’t think so, that seems way to easy for the show.  That’s the point of a cliffhanger. Guess we’ll have to wait until August before we get that answer!