HOLLYWOOD—I will admit Sunday’s episode of “True Blood” was indeed a transition to a calmer place. With so much death in Bon Temps, “Lost Cause” examined the characters as they dealt with death, regret and life in general. The episode opened with a large focus on Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) attempting to gain more information on Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp).  This infuriated Willa who was hesitant to traveling with her maker; she revealed she would divulge information, but only if Eric released her which he did.


Willa then revealed that Sarah as a sister, Amber, who happens to be a vampire who lives in
Dallas. Can’t say I’m not surprised by the news.  Sookie (Anna Paquin) was an emotional mess after returning back to her home and realizing how empty the place is. After being comforted by Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), the gang planned a massive feast for a party to celebrate life. Bill (Stephen Moyer) continued to connect with Sookie, as it’s apparent that the two will rekindle their romance at some point.


Eric and Pam came face-to-face with Sarah, who divulged details about her strained relationship with her sister, but surprise, she is also suffering from the same virus that is slowly claiming Eric’s life. Pam took a liking to the blunt sister. Lettie Mae (Adina Porter) still craving the “V” blood, snuck out of the house to attend Sookie’s shindig to get more of Willa’s blood. Andy (Chris Bauer) got Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) to forgive herself for past transgressions. This prompted Andy to pop the question to Holly (Lauren Bowles) and the celebration continued. Unfortunately, as one relationship blossoms others are falling apart.


Lafayette and James (Nathan Parsons) shared a steamy kiss, which led to lovemaking that shattered Jessica’s heart when she caught her friend and lover in the act. In the midst of this chaos, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) had a heart-to-heart talk with his former flame.

Lafayette had no remorse about betraying a friend, and challenged her regarding just how much she truly knew about James to begin with. Bill continued to reflect on his past life at happier times, which led to a comforting hug from Sookie; I was almost certain the two would share a kiss, but not just yet. After Lettie Mae stabbed Willa, Nicole unleashed a bit of truth on the houseguests indicating a party is not the best way to deal with tragedy. I must admit her character has become quite pointless this season. Why is she even there? Violet spied on Jason and Jessica having sex, which will not end well. I have a feeling more blood and mayhem will be spilled because of this betrayal.


Pam and Eric dressed the part of Republicans at a convention to get the goods on Sarah and her parents. Unfortunately, the party was crashed by the Yukuza who left a bloody mess along the way. While running for her life, Sarah came face-to-face with Eric who was ready to dispatch of the vixen, but when he laid eyes on the Yukuza, he took out its leader in gory fashion.


The final moments of the episode ended on a shocking note as it was revealed that Bill has contracted the H-virus. Oh, no, could Bill die just as he’s getting closer with Sookie?  Things are not looking good, which has me concerned about all of the vampires in Bon Temps. Can’t wait ill next Sunday “True Blood” lovers!