HOLLYWOOD—Only in the soap world, can a character who is hands-down DEAD, make a miraculous return from beyond the grave. Well, the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” have cooked up one hell of a narrative to nab the interest of viewers just in time for May sweeps. Hope Brady has dealt with a lot of chaos in the past few months.

First, she got married, and then her new husband attempted to murder her, only to be rescued from one true love Bo Brady who returned after missing in action for years. Just as the couple was reunited, Bo died of a brain tumor. To make matters worse, she then went into full vengeance mode to track the guilty party. She suspected Stefano DiMera was behind Bo’s kidnapping, and I must admit I suspected the same for months. Too bad we were all wrong. Hope decided to murder the big bad villain who always seemed to evade death, well not this time cause Hope fired multiple shots into his chest putting him out of his misery.

Yeah, it was a tense moment, and to see Stefano take his last breathe, just as Rafe (who has been harboring feelings for his co-worker for a very long time), covered the crime. Her daughter was raped by her ex-hubby’s tormented son and she was finally at peace with things, until Aiden Jennings showed up in her home very much ALIVE! Yes, this is a bit shocking to say the least, because I’m trying to wrap my mind how someone who was very dead found a way to come back to the present.

Well, point the finger at the DiMera clan yet again. Aiden did his best to explain what transpired to Hope who was in virtual shock; I mean shock because she was unable to wrap her mind around what was staring in front of her. Seeing her whip out that gun to protect herself from a possible imposter, yes, I was thinking the same thing courtesy of Andre DiMera who has been locked behind bars for the murder of his father. Yes, Andre is not as devious as Stefano, but he sure has made waves to get the things that he wants. Is the Aiden Jennings standing in front of Hope Brady and viewers the real Aiden, or perhaps an imposter sent by Andre as a form of payback?

Well, the Salem PD were brain thinkers for once and decided to run his prints, but unexpectedly those prints have vanished from the database. Hmm, that is not a coincidence people, so what happened to them? Aiden shared how he was kidnapped on the night that Hope was attacked and locked in cellar by Stefano and Andre and he has just managed to escape.

Hmm, I find that so odd considering Chad has taken residence over the DiMera mansion, one would suspect that he was able to do some digging to find out just precisely what his father and wicked brother were up to. Aiden’s world is about to be turned upside down, especially when he learns Hope has moved on, not to mention what his son Chase did to Hope’s daughter Ciara. Yep, he has plenty of cleaning up to do people, plenty to say the least.

The only other major story moving in Salem is the virus outbreak that is causing all sorts of chaos. For starters, Paul and Gabi are the first two showcasing some serious symptoms, and with the snap of a finger an epidemic has surfaced. I’m certain that a Salemite will bite the dust in the midst of this virus, the big question everyone wants to know is just who? I mean I seriously doubt “Days” writers would kill off little Adriana, after killing off her hubby Will months ago? I don’t see Gabi biting it nor do I see Paul, but you never know a shock could be heading our way.

We can’t forget all that craziness involving Abigail, Chad and the Ben Weston saga. Yep, Ben has been locked away, but who is to say he won’t escape yet again? Abigail has been committed and her delusions are more vivid now than ever before. She is seriously losing it, and Chad’s world is crashing down on him bit by bit. Well, we all know this storyline is simply a way to usher in the recast of Abigail as Kate Mansi is departing the role.

Rafe and Roman are certain that the Aiden lookalike could be a bluff used by Andre to get the goods on Hope and her involvement with Stefano’s murder. This is an interesting development, because a love triangle is about to reignite, and Hope will have to choose rather the man who tried to kill her or the one who has rescued her countless times is the key to her heart. “Days of Our Lives” is not afraid to knock off a character to propel the narrative, so I expect at least 1-2 more deaths before the month of May wraps up people.