Airborne SUV Crashes In Pacific Palisades

PACIFIC PALISADES—After an SUV driving through a residential area of Pacific Palisades went airborne, the vehicle’s subsequent collision with a wall startled nearby residents.

This SUV went airborne and crashed into a wall near a Pacific Palisades home.

The single-car accident, taking place Tuesday, June 9 on a windy stretch of Sunset Boulevard near Rustic Creek Lane, left the 44-year-old driver of the Chevy Trailblazer with serious injuries.

It is believed that a combination of speed and slick conditions brought on by Tuesday’s light rainfall resulted in the driver losing control of his vehicle.

That stretch of Sunset Boulevard is a common hotspot for accidents, especially on rainy days where drivers unaccustomed to driving in wet conditions speed on the windy road.

Details regarding the driver’s condition have not been made public.