BEL AIR—Following a recent blues cover of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song, Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek gave his own rendition of the catchy intro tune to the 1990s sitcom last night.

Alex Trebek reads the answer to the category, "TV" for $800, which contains the Fresh Prince lyrics.
The answer to TV for $800

Contestant Brandon chose the category TV, for $800, which included an excerpt of the song’s lyrics. Mr. Trebek read the answer and delivered the lyrics enthusiastically, but fell short of any actual laughs. Fellow contestant Ankoor gave the correct response, but Brandon still won the episode.

The audience’s reception of the joke was tepid, and the YouTube comment section is predictably harsh. As one user puts it, the rendition does resemble certain spoken-word covers by another aging celebrity: “Is it just me or did he sound like William Shatner doing it?” The clip is unpopular on the aggregate website Reddit, whose user furrowsmiter calls it “cringy…and offbeat”. Another YouTube user calls it “Fresh Prince of Dead Air.”