HOLLYWOOD—Well, I have to admit, November 2016 was no explosive month of sweeps for the daytime soap opera arena. I mean the level of drama was tame to say the least and I’m still trying to wrap my mind as to why things were on a slow simmer the entire month, especially on “General Hospital.” It looks like Alexis’ level of booze has reached dangerous levels. She burned the cookies while babysitting Danny, and just last week her booze fest may have reached a boiling point. Why? In a drunken rage, she ran over her former husband Julian with her car.

Yeah, Alexis, not the smartest move, because you could be on the hook for manslaughter if Julian dies and the fact that you were under the influence makes the situation even worse. Well, he’s not dead, but he’s in a hospital bed yet again, but when questioned by Jordan, he refused to name Alexis as the culprit behind the wheel.

Why do I sense, the mobster will use this latest incident as a way to blackmail Alexis to get him to do what he wants, which is precisely what Julian is doing. I mean everyone can sense that Alexis is losing her marbles with the constant drinking. And the irony all goes back to Julian who was at the root of the madness to begin with. Whatever Julian has planned, must be sinister people.

I mean no epic bombshells really came to light on “General Hospital” during November sweeps beyond the Morgan debacle courtesy of Sonny. Former lovers have become heartbroken souls, as it looks like Carly has turning to Jax for comfort, and Sonny is turning to alcohol, which might work to Nelle’s advantage for her master plan, which has STILL not been unveiled, which is frustrating. Yes, it appears her spiking of Sonny’s drink has worked in her advantage because he can’t seem to remember a single thing, beyond waking up next to his wife’s assistant and fearing the worse. Yep, I have to give it to Nelle who is one hell of an actress, but Bobbie has her eyes on this young ingénue. Carly’s mother senses something off about Nelle, and her suspicions would be right, if only Carly could see what is standing right in front of her.

I swear if the writers pull this long-lost child storyline I’m going to be livid we’ve seen this way too many times in the past, and it would be nice to see things shook up slightly. Give us an actual twist we never expected. I will admit the “GH” writers are giving Carly plenty of material to play around with. From Morgan’s death, to Ava being the culprit behind Morgan’s medication mix-up to Nelle’s secret agenda, I’m expecting FEBRUARY to be a fiery month for the vixen.

The bond between sisters is unbreakable as Elizabeth came to Hayden’s aid in the midst of her crisis, seeing them embrace was bittersweet people. And it’s good news in my opinion, because I can sense Liz is going to need Hayden as it looks like Tom Baker is up to no good, and Franco is taking no chances to ensure Liz’s rapist doesn’t attempt to cause more havoc in the nurses life. It looks like Franco is willing to cross-over to the dark side to protect Elizabeth from any threats, even if it means murder! So if that is not true love, I have no idea what is.

The drama surrounding little Charlotte is still in play, just as Finn continues to fight to develop a cure for Hayden who is seriously ill. I must say the pairing of Finn and Hayden is great, as the actors have a tremendous amount of chemistry with one another. Well, one can only hope the month of December offers more surprises than the month of November on “General Hospital!”