MALIBU—Sound the Alarm is a part of the American Red Cross Home Fire Campaign that trains volunteers to canvass at-risk neighborhoods and install free smoke alarms and replace batteries in existing alarms.

According to the American Red Cross, seven people die in home fires each day. Most of these incidents occur in homes that are lacking working smoke alarms. The two groups that are the most common victim of these incidents are the elderly and children. As a response, the American Red Cross launched their Home Fire Campaign in 2014. Since 2014, the American Red Cross’ home visits have installed more than 1 million smoke alarms to prepare people against the dangers of home fires.

Sound the Alarm 2018 announced that 31,300 volunteers registered to be a part of the American Red Cross installation and home visits. They installed 122,259 smoke alarms and raised over $15,400,000. Thousands of volunteers participated across more than 100 cities nationwide with the help of local fire departments and other community partners.

The American Red Cross reported that over the course of Sound the Alarm, 472 lives have been saved, 1,476,358 smoke alarms have been installed, 612,405 households have been made safer, and 1,207,470 youths have been reached through the Home Fire Campaign.

To volunteer to the Sound the Alarm with thousands of others, visit the American Red Cross Sound the Alarm website.