SANTA MONICA—An Evening on the Beach is a non-profit event that will take place at the Jonathan Beach Club on Thursday, August 6.

The chef's table. Photo courtesy Evening on the Beach
The chef’s table. Photo courtesy of Evening on the Beach.

Twenty-one of the top chefs and vintners in Los Angeles will be attending and serving the guests. Most of the food will be grilled. Among the chefs is Jessica Koslow of the restaurant Sqirl. Her recipes have been featured in Vogue. Seventy percent of the expenses are covered by donations. This includes the produce and food, which are usually provided at the chef’s expense.

Approximately 600 guests attend annually, and as of July 18, 525 guests are attending this year’s event. Tickets are priced $175 per individual, and tables are priced at $5000.

The event will take place from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the beachside. At around 8 p.m. there will be a bonfire and a band will be playing throughout the evening.

Car sponsorship. Photo courtesy Evening on the Beach
Car sponsorship. Photo courtesy of Evening on the Beach.

Among the sponsors are Audi and Lyft. Audi will provide cars that will be parked at the beachside, available to those who would like to observe the car. Lyft has agreed to supply the guests with Lyft coupons, as people will be served alcoholic beverages.

All proceeds from this event go to St. Vincent Meals on Wheels, which is non-profit organization serving the homebound seniors of Los Angeles who are not able to cook nutritious meals for themselves. This organization was founded by Sister Alice Marie Quinn 38 years ago, and today is run with the help of over 275 volunteers. In 2014, St. Vincent was able to provide a total of 797,148 meals for homebound seniors and others who could not provide for themselves.

Event manager Joan Wrede says, “I know what they [St. Vincent Meals on Wheels] do is real and it’s pretty special.” This is the sixth year she has been helping with the event in Santa Monica.

The event started 38 years ago, with Chef Wolfgang Puck and his team sponsoring the American Food and Wine Meals on Wheels Festival at the Universal Studios location. After 28 years, Wolfgang Puck resigned from the foundation that sponsored this event.