UNITED STATES—Tom Lord of Lord Contracting and Handyman Work had his 2005 F-150  truck vandalized on July 15 outside his apartment complex in Champaign, Illinois. Canyon News reached spoke to Lord and his girlfriend, Ginger Pardieck about the incident.

Tom Lord And Ginger Pardieck

Pardieck was walking to her car on July 16 when she found the truck damaged. The truck had “Antifa” written in red spray-paint across the tailgate and the sliding part of the back window was broken out. Pardieck informed Lord that his truck was vandalized.

Antifa is a left-wing hate group. Pardieck said she was informed by a local retired attorney that as bad as this was, it was probably just kids. There is not a chapter of Antifa in the area of Champaign the attorney informed her.

Authorities were called to the scene and a police report was filed. The vandal (s) have yet to be identified. Lord does not have full coverage insurance on his vehicle so the window which was broken is not covered. He indicated that he was able to get the spray-paint off with Easy-Off oven cleaner.

Lord noted he had “Trump 2016” on his truck prior to the 2016 election and had no problems. The new message on Lord’s windshield reads, “Are you American or Not? Trump 2020.”

“I have Trump on my truck because I’m very passionate about my President and about my country. President Trump is the only one I trust,” said Lord.

“I consider myself a patriot,” Lord added, “and speak up for those afraid to speak.”

“Everybody needs to take a stand at their local level in their own communities,” said Lord. “We all need to do our part for our country.”

Pardieck wanted to be assure everyone that this is not about hate. “We don’t want to go down the road of hate.”

“Mainstream media is Lamestream media. Trump is doing a good job and wants to help this country,” said Lord.