SHERMAN OAKS—On Monday, July 23, residents of an apartment complex in Sherman Oaks called 911 to report hearing gunshots. Authorities responded to the incident and shut down the intersection of Sherman Avenue and Milbank Street. The apartment complex, The Plaza is located at 4500 Woodman Avenue.

The 911 call was received, at about 2 a.m., where several police cruisers and an airship arrived on the scene. Authorities reportedly heard what they believed to be additional gunshots. Weapons were drawn, and officers investigated the noises, while residents at the apartment complex remained in doors.

Residents at The Plaza took to Twitter to share their concerns and updated neighbors. Myriam Gonzales and Jillian Reeves shared their opinions and observations while the incident transpired.

“Helicopter has been flying over for 30 min and now cops are saying suspect may have ran into our complex,” tweeted Myriam Gonzalez.

Jillian Reeves tweeted, “heard the police helicopter say that the people who had a weapon had one minute to comply.”

When police reached the apartment where the noise was coming from, they discovered the source of the noise was fireworks. Police found no evidence of a shooting, and no shell-casings were discovered inside the apartment, but they found burn marks and evidence of fireworks being set from inside a glass container. There were no reports of any injuries during the incident.