UNITED STATES—President Barack Obama made a decisive move last week when he decided to execute an executive order to address the immigration crisis that has been plaguing America for decades. Let’s just say it’s something that has people split across the board. He even threw a few fighting words to members of Congress by saying, “Well pass a bill.” Was that a smart move in my opinion, not quite? In essence, he was saying because you’re not doing your job, I’m going to do it for you.

This has already had plenty of members of Congress voice their concerns. There has even been talk of another possible government shut down. I know, I know, not again. But because of what has transpired, I could without a doubt see Congress (now that it’s under a Republican control) enact such an act to punish the President.

There is just one tiny problem; members of Congress fail to see that it doesn’t hurt the POTUS, it hurts Americans. The last time the government suffered a shutdown, billions of dollars in revenue was lost, and it costs many programs to be shut down and employees to be out of work.

Is it fair to punish the hard-working Americans because you want to send a message to our Commander in Chief that you will not tolerate risky or bold decisions to be made without consulting them first? No, but when does Congress actually put the wellbeing of the American people before their own selfish needs. I can’t recall when that actually happened.

I fear the next two years is just going to be a back and forth between Republicans, Democrats and the President. Nothing is going to get done, Americans will suffer and we’ll be forced to head back to the polls in 2016 to make a decision on who we want to lead the government. Go ahead just take a wild guess who will be in control? Remember no one stays in power for ever; it constantly shifts back and forth, especially in the game of politics because change is inevitable.

This entire tick for tack crap is boiling my blood; it’s like the members of Congress are acting like they’re in grade school or something. It’s about doing what is BEST for the people who elected you into office, not what will benefit YOU the best. There should be a document signed by members of Congress who are forced to suffer a penalty or something from their constituents when they do something the people who voted them into office aren’t in agreement with.

Better yet more accountability needs to be held. People can argue all they want accountability is in effect when they get voted out of office. Hello, by that time it doesn’t matter, the damage to a city, state or federal government has already been done. And what happens to the elected official, he/she gets the opportunity to move on with their life as if nothing ever happened. Not fair, not fair at all.

All I know is if the POTUS and Congress can’t find a way to negotiate for the next two years this country will be headed towards a path of destruction and that is something none of us should have to deal with considering they’re getting paid to do a job that isn’t as hard as they like everyday Americans to think it is.