WEST HOLLYWOOD—A rooftop display in light of the recent Orlando, Florida, shooting has raised attention to gun control and sparked the interest of neighbors and bypassers.

Visual artist, Chad Michael Morrisette, artistically dispersed 50 mannequins atop the roof of his West Hollywood home, near the intersection of Fountain and Fairfax avenues. The piece is a simulation of the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, that he calls “No One Is Safe.”

Morrisette’s piece is intended to capture the tragedy of Sunday, June 12, when 29-year-old terrorist, Omar Mateen, opened fire in Orlando’s premiere gay nightclub, Pulse.

Morrisette awoke on Sunday, which was also his birthday, and after hearing news of the shooting cancelled his plans, which included attending the last day of Los Angele’s Pride celebration. He spent upwards of 4 hours that day composing the piece.

The massacre left 50 people dead, including the gunman, and 53 wounded. The 50 mannequins strewn about Morrisette’s rooftop represent each life that was lost that day. The mannequins used in the rooftop display are uniquely damaged and tattered; each victim has a different face, which makes it all the more real, according to Morrisette.

“I put 50 bodies on the roof of my house so that people could drive by and see what 50 human bodies looks like. Piled up,” Morrisette told NBC Los Angeles.

His piece comprised a call for action, with a large sign amongst the scattered bodies, reading, “50 Dead People #guncontrol.”

Morisette, also works as a window display artist, brand consultant, and is the owner of a Los Angeles mannequin rental business.

“It’s elementary schools, it’s movie theatres, it’s churches, it’s gay night clubs. Nobody is safe,” Morrisette told Fox Los Angeles.

He has no intention of relocating the installment in the near future, but has vowed to update it should the Orlando death toll continue to rise.

Canyon News reached out to Morrisette for comment but did not hear back before print.