UNITED STATES—As common as it is, defrauding parental Last Wishes adds to multilevel pollution accumulating its negative effect on more people and places as time goes by. This scene of family soap is the Ultimate Betrayal which despite what sleeping individuals may say does affect us all: Rippling through sound waves and frequencies in this life and into the next. There is always a Price Tag and in the case of dishonoring your mother & father (Os Dez Mandamentos) there is never the Bargain Bin or Discounted Offers down the road. Quite the opposite, the longer it takes for the perpetrators to make amends and Do the Right Thing…the worse it gets and more people are pulled into the downfall swell of the inevitable Negative Drain.

There are companies out there making big bucks from this battleground, this acquiescence and zombie attitude that it’s a sure thing that many siblings will steal away their parents Last Wishes.

There’s plenty of money to be made with manipulated paperwork over the years stoking the fire of fractured adult children in line for a considerable inheritance. Big business concerning big, award-winning companies like, Berg Kaprow Lewis (BKL Tax) & St James’s Place Wealth Management.  Its one of those easy plays that slides quietly by as it involves the dead, (& the manipulating ‘spokespersons’ for the dead) the grieving and the construction over time of the Estate Product Management. Perfect timing to make a buck! Broker’s Heaven.

It’s all in the Details.

Consciously, this is part of Climate Change and its called Psychic Snap Backs.

We caught up with Jane Gang just as she was about to go into Court.

“How’s it going, JG?”  “It’s in the details, tiny details which I’ve pieced together and now we’re all in court. Come with me this should be fun.”

“What do you mean?”

Chislehurst Pond.
Chislehurst Pond.

“Ok, for instance when Henry Paget of St James’s Place Wealth Management responded to my email Feb ’15 with: ‘Sorry about the circumstances. Sadly its all too common and I see it regularly when clients need help or pass away…’ Really, he should’ve (legally) just said ‘…Not surprising as your three brothers have been ripping you and your parents off since 2003 and I’ve known about it for approx. 9 years already.’

The Plaintiff calls to the stand her brother, David Higgins:

“When you ‘lost everything’ in 2008 was that true?”

“No, I owned a third of the old family home.”

“But you told everyone that you lost ‘everything’ and you went to live with your mother. Your father was in Hospice?”


“And how much did the three Higgins brothers pay for the family home, MacMallinggolds in Chislehurst, Kent?”

“In 2002 it was valued at 1.1M Sterling, we paid 10% of that.”

“How much is it worth now?”

“After development, roughly 11M Sterling, with an annual turnover of 1.1M, as well as the increasing value of the land which we had planned to sell back to ourselves at the execution of the Will.”

“When did Ms Gang, your sister and forth child of Prof & Mrs. Higgins OBE learn that you three sons had brought the family home in 2003?”

“About two weeks ago”

“Is it true that you introduced Berg Kaprow Lewis, the firm who created this particular House Trust Scheme to your father in 2002?”


“There’s correspondence from Brian Berg to your father in ‘03 that says: ‘Jane isn’t to know of the Trusts at this time.’ She had been living in the USA for seven years by then, a good opportunity for you three brothers to take advantage? Wouldn’t she, as would anyone in her position insist on paying her part of the 10% if she had known about these House Trusts, to secure benefitting fully in the four equal shares?”

(Pindrop silence)

“Your father was advised by his solicitor that a Barrister must review the Scheme before its setup with BKL Tax in ’03. Who was this Barrister? Jan Matthews, BKL’s appointed Counsel? One recommended by David Higgins? A Barrister would have pointed out the obvious future impending problem of perilously disadvantaging the fourth child by the time of the Will’s execution. Especially as this Trust gave the Trustees the power to buy the property with a 10% down payment as well as infinite possibilities to leverage the asset via the clauses. Any Barrister would instantly foresee this dilemma and would therefore advise your father that the future possibility of the three out of four children ‘ganging up’ against his Last Wishes was indeed a critical risk.”

Psychic Snap Backs.
Psychic Snap Backs.

“Is it true that by buying the property the Trusts gave you three the power to leverage on all types of projects, vacations, second homes, private schools etc since 2003? Tell the jury about the Turkish deal that went bad in ’08. Did Harvey Nash’s directors know that you still had an asset, in MacMallinggolds?  Did the Turkish Mafia you had unintentionally got involved with know you still had an asset? What did you use to plug your personal Credit Crunch downturn in 2008?”

“We agreed to leverage the House and expanded into another Turkish construction complex.”

“By ‘we’ do you mean your brothers and their wives? Did Judith Willis, Antony’s wife give you legal advice at the time?”


Call Dr Nicholas Higgins: “Why do you continue to lie? Isn’t it true that there are 25+ lies written in the SA3 & SA4 Bromley Social Service reports? Do nurses still find you attractive now that everyone at Addenbrookes knows that you a cruel and greedy cheat? Stop attempting to rewrite Hystory in your creepy emails to your sister. You also stand accused of attempting to be the spokesperson for your dead father. That is unacceptable you will not get away with putting YOUR treacherous words into a dead person’s mouth either on paper or in court. Do you understand that?”

Call Antony Higgins: “Why did you keep lying to your sister when she had come back to England to help look after her mother? How did you pay for your family trips to Africa?”

Judge Marty then addresses the courtroom: “What have these people been teaching their children? That whitecollar crime pays? Looks like their Aunt Jane is setting that straight: Crime folks, does not pay dividends it sucks the life out of people and places.”

Call Tricia Spedding: ”We’ve heard a lot about you, here’s your chance to tell the jury why you so confidently and willingly perpetuated the Lies, Slander and False Accusations about Ms Gang in the SA3 & SA4 reports? Did you really think you were going to get away with that Kafkaesque farce? You, Spedding are guilty of perpetuating False Accusations and co-conspiring. How much did they pay you? What right do you have to come between a mother and a daughter?”

Spedding starts sobbing in the dock. These are not the crocodile tears seen in the SA4 meeting.

Call to the stand: Prof P M Higgins OBE (murmurings in court)

“Order! Order! Yes, the Prof passed in 2011 but these days, well there’s been a lot of tech advances and although he may appear a little distorted his host for today is HeroBrine.”

(Gasps and cries from the gallery and jurors)

“Ok everyone calm down. You better get used to it from now on, there’ll be a lot more witnesses called to testify from the ‘next life’.”

Judge Marty signals for the Prosecuting Attorney to approach the bench Sandel whispers to the Judge: “Listen, don’t ask me, I didn’t make this up. As far as I know there was some mix up within the frequencies and the Prof missed his 03 00 hrs connection with Notch and ended up hosted by this guy. Which really adds to the parable of the whole as we stand exposing ‘upstanding, honest’ citizens like Dr N. Higgins, Dr Glazier and Judith Higgins, a Solicitor who is also a woman…but still, she should know better.”

“Prof Higgins, in a letter to Brian Berg in ’06 you had doubts. There was something that was bothering you, something about the Trustees ‘ganging up’ against you, your wife, your Last Wishes, tell us about that.”

“I’m livid! I do not like risk. I would’ve insured my teapot if there was a policy. Four equal shares I insist! It must be so, to the penny. I had to move mountains to visit my daughter Jane in Los Angeles, looming classically within her dream-state. Scared her half to death. She woke before I could tell her of the trouble brewing for those terrible sons of mine once they pass over. Now I’m here at great cost increasing the debt already mounting for those shameful sons and their disgusting wives. I’ve never liked any of them especially that cloying gold digger of David’s, Kristina. Wait till he gets over here…how dare he treat his mother, sister and nephew so. Abomination.”

“Professor, be easy you know you are only hosted for 30 minutes?”

Call Brian Berg of BKL Tax: “Your reply to Prof Higgins’ letter in ’06 reads: ‘I understand that you are concerned and that there is a theoretical risk that the Trustees may not act in your best interest at sometime in the future…Nicholas, David & Antony, even if they do decide to ‘gang up’ on their parents your rights of occupation are secured. Accordingly I really do not believe that you should have any cause for concern with the arrangements.’ You cc’d: Terry Jordan, David Higgins & Henry Paget. In this letter and with the knowledge you had you deliberately deceived the Professor. Why?”

“A letter was sent in 2011 from Terry Jordan of BKL Tax, six months after the Professor had passed, suspiciously addressed to a ‘Mrs. D. Higgins’ (could be confused with David’s future wife) Why send a letter to a recently grieving widow that appears to be revisiting a comparable House Trust product by St James’s Wealth Management? Why bring up Paget’s old scheme as if it’s still relevant when it was decided back in 2003 to go with Berg Kaprow Lewis’s Scheme? Was this a part of the manipulated paper trail to further export the Trusts?”

Call to the stand Henry Paget: “You have been a trusted advisor for Prof & Mrs P M Higgins for how many years? Often visiting them at MacMallinggolds, which is quite a distance to travel.  As you were offering an alternate House Trust Scheme in 2003 as a competitive selling point, wouldn’t you alert the parents of these four children to the probability that if 90% of the power was handed to 3 out of 4 siblings the likelihood that there would be a defrauding of the Last Wishes is almost guaranteed. After all, as you yourself wrote to Ms Gang in 2015 in your business ‘you see this all the time.’ How long have you known that the three sons brought the property, was it before 2006 when Prof Higgins expressed doubts?  How many years have you been sending St James’s A4 individually embossed diaries to each of the brothers at MacMallinggolds? Why do their diaries go to this address? Why doesn’t Ms Gang receive diaries at this address?”

Summing up today’s proceedings:

“Analyzed & scrutinized at this point in time exposes the loopholes and manipulations in all your correspondences”.

“This court accuses BKL Tax & St James’s Place Wealth Management in engaging in profiteering in the future dead, a racket of deceitful practices: Praying on families who have grudges against a sibling, acting as willingly accomplices for a brokers fee of course, enabling the defrauding of the parental Last Wishes. How many other families have you exploited over the years? How many are currently being exploited? Prepare your Defense”.

“You stand accused by this court: Berg Kaprow Lewis & St James’s Place Wealth Management, prepare to be audited”.

(Gasps from the gallery) “Order! Order in court!”

And with flourish Judge Marty commands: “Court is now adjourned”. (Loud hammer) Next session TBA

Written By Jane Gang