BEVERLY HILLS—Dr. Nathaniel J. Williams was recently in town to promote his most recent book “The Affordability Factor.” There are very few chances to meet a self-made man who has grown up in tough situations, and yet uses his abilities and strengths to still meet the challenges of life and become a part of the American dream. This is the greatest nation on the planet, and in this time of election cycles and 24-hour news channels, you rarely hear the good that is in the world, especially in the greatest nation we call home.

“Self-help” sometimes sounds like a catchphrase. For Dr. Nathaniel J. Williams ”“ “Dr. Nat” to his friends and fans ”“ it’s a calling. The author of six books, host of his own weekly talk show in Philadelphia, an in-demand inspirational speaker, and father of seven has lived a story like no other, and his commitment to helping others find their way successfully has made his remarkable story all the more meaningful.

Orphaned at a young age and a product of the New York City foster care system, Dr. Williams rose from his humble beginnings to earn three Master’s degrees and a Doctorate. Utilizing his experience with the public welfare system, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for helping others, since 1993 he has been the President and CEO of HumanWorks Affiliates, Inc., a cluster of eight corporations focused on human services. HumanWorks employs over 200 people and has an operating budget of over $10 million.

Nowadays, Dr. Williams is focused on his successful TV show, airing on WFMZ-TV in Philadelphia, which he has plans to take to national syndication. Focusing on helping his viewers attain their personal best, the wide variety of topics covered makes it more than the average talk show revolving around feel-good platitudes and sob stories. From coping with raising a child with autism, to planning for a stronger financial future, to learning how to team-build at work and among friends, each program revolves around his focus of “helping ordinary people do extraordinary things by encouragement, enlightenment and empowerment.”

Currently living in Pennsylvania with his wife Tade and seven children, Dr. Williams’s unique life story and long professional experience and education make him a dynamic speaker that is both engaging and inspiring. In a time where even some of the more successful of us find ourselves under unusual economic strain, his practical approach to surviving hard times resonates more than ever, and requires professional and interpersonal skills that will allow people to stand out from the crowd. And it’s not only the most successful and visible who are in his purview: he speaks often about the intricacies of the adoption and foster care systems and senior housing. Whether he is wearing the hat of an author, speaker, TV personality, social service executive, or successful businessman, Dr. Williams always has an encouraging word as well as a plan of action.

“The Affordability Factor” is a book that is in depth and yet easy to follow. The four steps that are necessary to take to make a difference in one’s own life and to meet the challenges of life are clearly explained in very readable fashion. Dr. Nat is not only a man who loves his family and what he does, but when you read his book, you can see he wants others to make their dreams come true as well. A rare and inspiring man, I suggest every American consider buying his book and keeping their own dreams alive. A very famous soap star told me years ago, “When people are mean to you, and attack you, it’s because their dream is dead, and they see light inside of you.” Dr. Nat will revive the dream of others; he inspires the best in us all, starting with himself.

“The Affordability Factor” is available online and in bookstores around the U.S.