WEST HOLLYWOOD—Law enforcement officials are investigating a recent series of attacks on gay men in West Hollywood.

Brandon Ackridge, 27, was attacked on Saturday, May 28, after leaving Micky’s, a popular gay bar, located at 8857 Santa Monica Blvd.

Ackridge, who works in West Hollywood as a bartender and go-go dancer, alleged that someone slipped something in his drink, causing him to black-out after just two. He told NBC4, “I remember coming out of the doors and that’s the last thing I recall.” He added, “The doctor said when he did my blood test the things that showed up in my blood were consistent with date-rape drugs. The reason they don’t think I fell is there’s no scrapes. It’s all clean bruises on both sides all the way down my body.” Ackridge awoke in the intensive care unit covered in bruises.

It was unclear whether or not Ackridge was targeted for being gay, but the city of West Hollywood has seen a string of attacks in West Hollywood suspected to be a result of sexual orientation. Christopher Burton, also known as Christopher de la Cruz, was attacked about two months ago in the same region, just a few blocks away.

De la Cruz was attacked on April 7, when he was heading back to his car from The Abbey, a gay lounge located at 692 North Robertson Boulevard. He works at the establishment as the catering and events coordinator. De La Cruz alleged that two men beat him and held him at knife point, shouting homophobic slurs.

The recent string of assaults has people in the West Hollywood area asking for more security protecting “Boys Town,” a stretch of countless gay-popular bars, restaurants, and shops, centered along Santa Monica Boulevard between La Cienega Boulevard and North Robertson Boulevard. Authorities have not yet released specific details regarding the culprits involved in both cases. The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department are investigating the string of assaults.