HOLLYWOOD—I seriously don’t know why, but for some reason, soaps love a good baby swap storyline. The latest soap to go down this path is “General Hospital” and the results will be unfathomable when the truth is finally revealed. When knew Nelle’s day of reckoning was coming, but who knew this woman could be this downright cruel. Michael got the truth from Nelle about her role in Carly being committed to Ferncliff and her planning to murder him to take all his assets, all hell broke loose.

Liesl Obrecht, who was being transported, attempted an escape that resulted in that vehicle colliding with Michael and Nelle. While trapped in the vehicle, Nelle spilled the dirty details, which were captured on audio and video by Chase and Jordan. They had all the evidence they needed to take Nelle down. However, it is what Nelle did next that has set the stage for what will be an epic reveal when it explodes. She left Michael to die as the car was on the verge of catching fire; luckily Sonny was hot on Michael’s trail and rescued his son in a nick of time.

Nelle lost and bewildered went into labor, where Obrecht was hesitant to assist, but she did. So let me be clear? Obrecht is the ONLY person who knows that Nelle gave birth and her baby DID NOT DIE! This is important because Nelle ran into Brad who was rushing to the hospital after realizing baby Wily was not breathing. It was a very sad moment, baby Wily died, but Nelle offered her son to Brad! Yes, she did that without a second thought.

This woman has wanted a baby forever and to just give up her newborn son without a second thought as a final dig at Michael and his family is beyond cruel; it’s despicable. Brad was hesitant, but at the same time, he didn’t want to disappoint Lucas with the news that their son who they just brought home died. Yeah, Brad is in a sticky pickle and we know the truth is going to come out and the fallout will be explosive. Nelle brought baby Wily (who she passed off as her son) to the hospital and informed Michael the baby died. Michael was in utter disbelief; he was unable to grasp what transpired as Nelle blamed him for the fallout.

Thankfully, Sonny helped Michael bid farewell to his son, just as Nelle secretly gloated behind the scenes, and even threatened Ava in a sly manner. Yes, Ava, you should have never taken that baby blanket, so now you have blood on your hands. She attempted to burn the blanket, but Griffin spotted her so she decided to give it to Julian, who hid the blanket, but SURPRISE, Michael found it, while with Sam. Ugh, Ava, this does not bode well for you, nor Nelle, but it works in favor for Carly. Oh, this is getting so good.

Um, Ava, you are aware that Lucas and Carly are siblings, so it’s only a matter of time before Carly sees the baby and spots that blanket. Speaking of Ava, she is fired up about Kiki’s case against Dr. Bensch, which she should not be because Scott let it slip to Franco that Griffin and Kiki hooked up. As Kiki stated, if her mother ever found out she would be out for revenge, which means both Griffin and Kiki should be worried, as the trial got kicked off and the pressure was getting to both Griffin and Kiki.

In other news, I’m getting the feeling that the writers might be attempting to pair Lulu and Chase together. Yes, we know Dante is out of the picture now and will eventually return the canvas, but I sense some chemistry there between those two that is certain to cause some ruffled feathers in the Falconeri marriage. Robert has returned to town worried about Anna’s sudden disappearance. Robert and Finn have diffused that Anna has been kidnapped (which she has), we just don’t know who her abductors are yet, more importantly who is this ill patient that Anna’s captors want Finn to treat. Could it be Faison.

However, Robert has a plan to get his one true love back, by utilizing Finn as bait. Finnola Hughes has been gone for way too long so with her return to the canvas as well as the great Genie Francis it looks like “GH” is heating up again as we usher in fall.