HELLO AMERICA!—When I heard that one of my first Hollywood directors. Gerald Gordon, was directing-producing a film “Showdown at Twin Bluffs” allowing the return of two of the most talented women we have ever had in TV and Broadway, Barbara Eden (of “I Dream of Jeannie” fame) and Neile Adams McQueen from Broadway stardom as the elderly Dolly Sisters circa 1890 has everyone applauding!

These sheriffs have taken over the western town of Twin Bluffs – they have locked up all the children away from their parents, put all the capable men in a mine mining for diamonds and are left with a town of beautiful gorgeous women with the exception of the preacher and the town drunk. That character has been set to be played by the Broadway star Randal Keith who portrayed the leading role of Jean Valjean in “Les Miz” on Broadway and currently has been set as a lead in a new musical on Marilyn Monroe here in Las Vegas.

Gordon’s new film is a hilarious, almost slapstick romp, with young brothers in college who run from school thinking that they accidentally killed a new pledge during the hazing at their fraternity. In their speedy drive through the mountains, they experience a sudden crash and wake up back a hundred years being tended to by two beautiful women in a small western town called Twin Bluffs. Two mean sheriffs have taken over the town; they put all the men into the diamond mine and the children – all of them are being tended to in a home on the outskirts of town by the not-so-beautiful women, and only the young and beautiful ladies now make up this little town in the West. Though the two brothers offer to help, they have no problems being as helpful as possible to all these beautiful women.

Knowing Gerald Gordon as Hollywood knows him, he and his artistic – creative genius will produce something special and cinematically creative.  During his years in Tinsel Town, he went out of his way to find fresh new talent, actors, singers, dancers, composers; he actually produced one of my first radio show series where I performed as singer-actor with numerous other new faces of that time. He has quite a history of caring, opening doors and sacrificing much of his time and special interests to make sure the public, the world was aware of those who had God-given gifts to offer. His productions of “Finians Rainbow” and even “West Side Story,” has a cast that easily rivals any Broadway production.

Without question, any film or theatre piece produced by Gerald Gordon is bound to take you on a magical trip of ideas and a possible since of awareness and yes, wisdom which might have been lost or overlooked based on the show and often works being produced by those who have very little knowledge or experience concerning life and survival.  We can still learn MUCH from Gerald Gordon who made it possible for many of us to remain on the preference lists of many production companies in our industry.