Bel Air Mansion Construction Shut Down

BEL AIR—Because of concrete decks, retaining walls, and other home features created in violation of a stop-work order, Los Angeles building inspectors ordered the immediate demolition and removal of all unapproved construction that took place at a developing Bel Air mansion.

On Wednesday, April 22, the order was made in the interest of protecting the hillside that the mansion rests on. According to a resident living in a home below the construction site, grading and other construction has destabilized the hillside, creating a potentially hazardous situation for locals.

Bel Air Mansion
The construction of this multi-level Bel Air mansion has been shut-down by city building inspectors.

In September 2014, the permits for the development were revoked, a measure that was supposed to completely halt construction. Neighbors of the project, located at 901 Strada Vecchia, made several reports of ongoing construction at the 30,000 square foot home.

The project, overseen by celebrity developer Mohamed Hadid, was listed for several violations by city inspectors. Beyond a handful of minor violations, several major construction violations were listed, including the development of an entire story below basement level and two levels of oddly-shaped concrete decks.

The property itself is owned by 901 Strada LLC, a company whose attorney, Benjamin Reznik, has maintained that all construction that took place after the stop-work order was done in an effort to protect the home from the elements. Reznik claimed that the changes had been approved and that his client would send a revised floor plan for official review.

Hadid now has 15 days to seek permits for the unapproved construction or remove it entirely. If city demands are not met, the developer could face misdemeanor charges.