HOLLYWOOD—The storylines are continuing to unfold on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” It has been a little over two weeks since the tragic death of Bo Brady. While Salem is still coming to grips with the unexpected death, his widow, Hope Brady has been on a warpath for vengeance and Dr. Malcolm seems to hold the key.

While her colleagues Rafe and Roman are concerned about her fragile state of mind, Hope seems more determined than ever to get the dirty truth about her hubby’s disappearance and the truth is certain to unravel in the near future. I mean she has virtually abandoned her daughter Ciara, and left her to raise herself while her step-brother Chase, seems to continue brooding. Uh, Stefano DiMera and Andre DiMera should be quite frightened to say the least, while Stefano’s current medical condition has kept him slightly hindered, Andre is holding the reigns of the DiMera clan. My guy tells me Stefano indeed played a role in Bo’s disappearance and when the truth comes out, it might be the end of the ‘phoenix’ once and for all.

Andre’s latest mission is to get his hands back on the funds that were stolen by nemesis Sami Brady. Yeah, this is an interesting storyline, but I must say I’m disappointed that Allison Sweeney has once again vacated her role as Samantha Brady. Luckily, Sami’s absence has allowed the re-emergence of her sister Belle. Yep, the sweet, innocent daughter of Marlena and John has turned over a new leaf. She seems to be a bit edgier than in the past, not to mention that her divorce with Shawn Douglass is kaput.

Yeah, that chemistry that existed between Jason Cook and Kirsten Storms is a thing of the past. To make the situation more complicated is the return of Philip Kiriakis this time portrayed by “One Life to Live” alum John-Paul Lavoisier. Yep, bad boy Philip caused a rift in the marriage of Belle and Shawn and it looks like his return to Salem isn’t all about business. That doesn’t make his relative Brady too happy, especially if Philip catches the eye of Theresa Donovan.

After more than 3 months of going undetected, the madness of the Necktie Killer looks to be over, perhaps, I should hold that reservation until its official. After being held in a cabin for more than a month, Abigail managed to escape the clutches of her crazed fiancé Ben when Chad stormed the Cabin.

Ben had already been livid at Abby for her deception, but to see the guy who caused a fracture in his relationship come to rescue her, sent Ben into a firestorm. With so much rage erupting inside him, Ben nearly strangled Chad to death, before tying him to the bed with Abigail and setting the cabin on fire. That wasn’t the icing on the cake, he took baby Colin from his mother’s arms and went rogue.

Yes indeed, it was slightly shocking to see kooky Ben really loose it, so much to the point that he placed a premature infant in imminent danger. He left the newborn in the motel, when he went to search for food, but ended up being caught by Lani and JJ and being dragged back to Salem.

Well, Ben snapped causing his mental state to resort back to his torturous childhood days where he faced brutal beatings at the hands of his father Clyde. I must say Robert Scott Wilson is killing it in the acting department with his layered portrayal of the good guy gone bad, his ability to turn the on and off switch of psycho to charming is eerily creepy to say the least.

If those storylines weren’t enough to leave fans reeling, things are indeed heating up for Steve and Kayla. The lovebirds consummated their relationship this week, all while the treacherous Ava Vitali lurked in the background and utilized their son Joey to implement her schemes.

“Days of Our Lives” hands down wins the award for most improved soap of 2015. The writers have cleaned house and reignited a passion into a soap that frankly 6 months ago, I don’t think too many people cared all that much for. If you’re not watching “Days of Our Lives” you better start tuning in.