HOLLYWOOD─There were a lot of weddings recently on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” The drama for most was meh, except for the one that I noted would deliver the best fireworks: Ben and Ciara. The fireworks occurred in epic fashion, just as Ben and Ciara were about to exit the church America, kaboom. The lovers are split apart and rubble, mayhem and melee follow, with Xander trying to prove a hero, Rafe and Hope investigating the explosion, Eli being a hero yet again, and Julie being annoying as always.

I know we’re losing quite a few key players in the future, but could we bring back the Salem Stalker to get rid of some excess players who bring nothing, but annoyance to the show? It might be a big ask, but jeez we just have some characters who need to be knocked off their high horse America. With that said, the attention immediately turned to Ben missing. The explosion separated Ben from the rest of the wedding party and panic ensued. Ciara was certain Ben was not dead, but she wanted vengeance and had her sights immediately set on Claire. I said this last week, Claire had been made to appear like a guilty party, but with viewers learning Ben’s body was in the trunk of someone’s car, we know it was not Claire and that someone has an ax to grind with the ‘reformed’ Necktie Killer.

I would love to say I was surprised by the reveal of Ben’s captor, but you could almost see the writing on the wall if you pay attention to casting rumors on the internet America. She tried to take him down once before, but this time it looks like Eve Donovan truly wants Ben to pay for murdering her daughter Paige. I mean and eye for an eye, so one cannot blame Eve for wanting some sort of retribution. She lost her daughter at the hands of Ben, so should he just get a pass to live his life as if he didn’t do anything wrong?

So the search for Ben intensifies, which raises the question I think everyone already knows the answer to: is Ciara going to be the person to save her beloved hubby? Probably so, with Claire by her side to prove her innocence! So what is going on in Salem worth chatting about? Oh, Allie has finally made a decision about her baby. Rafe will not be getting Allie’s bundle of joy, its Will and Sonny. Sami had a bit of a role in Rafe not pursuing the child, but Will, how odd is that? Allie’s baby is being raised by her brother; only in the soap arena can such things transpire America.

It is kind of fun, but very weird at the same time America. However, this goes with what I have been saying for weeks, that Allie giving Sonny and Will her baby is going to be their tale out of Salem. Bonnie is still sleuthing at getting into good graces with Lucas, as Lani and Eli continue to worry about their bundle of joy, Shawn and Belle are Claire’s biggest defenders, and Sarah is lowering her guard down when it comes to Xander. Did I mention that Chad and Gwen have aligned? I’m guessing this is to take out Gabi, but I wonder how Stefan will respond to that news when he learns exactly what his half-brother and his on again and off again former flame have been up to.

I hate to say it, but it seems like the steam on “Days of Our Lives” is starting to slow down America. It was hot for months, but at some point the heat starts to cool down and as a viewer, I’m glad “B&B” is back as another option is in the mix for soap fans.