HOLLYWOOD HILLS—The Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Division is announcing the arrest of a suspect in a series of celebrity/high-end home burglaries. Officials indicated during a press conference on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, that artwork, clothing, purses and jewelry amongst others things were recovered.

The Los Angeles Police Department disclosed that they arrested Benjamin Etan Ackerman, 32, of Los Angeles in connection to the burglaries. Authorities served a search warrant at Ackerman’s home and a storage unit to look for additional evidence connected to the case linking him to the burglaries. The burglaries transpired between 2017 and 2018, search warrant executed in September 2018.

Over 2000 high-end items were recovered. Ackerman targeted high-end celebrity homes that were up for sale or being shown on the market. Authorities indicated that the suspect posed as an interested buyer or real estate broker.

“If you have even seen this person [Benjamin Ackerman] coming to your open house,” contact us said Detective Jared Timmons of the LAPD Hollywood Division. Timmons estimated the worth in items recovered is in the millions of dollars. He noted that diamond jewelry and high-end artwork has to be fully examined to determine the full amount of the items recovered by the suspect. Usher Raymond, Jason Derulo, Adam Lambert and Rebecca Hutton were all victims burglarized by Ackerman.

“He would come back later [after touring open houses],” said Timmons. “We are still investigating as to who he was working,” added Timmons during the press conference. Timmons indicated that the suspect has connections to New York and he has a prior criminal record, but would not elaborate on exact details.

Thirteen separate burglary victims were identified based on evidence recovered from the locker/and or storage unit from Ackerman’s residence. In one case, the LAPD noted that Ackerman targeted a family friend during his crime spree. Timmons indicated that surveillance video at several of the targeted homes was tampered with, which authorities are still investigating.

“The fact that people didn’t challenge him when he walked into their houses; they believed that he was a buyer… He was very slick and appears to be fluent with computers and technology and knowing how to manipulate those,” said Timmons.

The LAPD is requesting the public go to the website www.hollywoodburglary.smugmug.com and search for their stolen items if they have been burglarized. Anyone with questions about the arrest or the burglaries is asked to contact Hollywood Division Detective Jared Timmons at (213) 972-2928.