UNITED STATES—If there’s a woman you are grateful to have in your life and want to show your appreciation, then a personal gift would be a great suggestion. No matter the occasion, jewelry is timeless and will remind them of you every time they put it on. In many countries, newborn babies receive jewelry from their relatives as their first gift. Couples give each other jewelry pieces to mark their anniversaries. So, it is convenient for any occasion and any age.

When it comes to style, it is better to stick to the more classic pieces. Trends come and go, so you want to choose something wearable both now and in the next 20 years. Of course, you should think about what they usually like to wear so you have a deeper understanding of what they would like. Is it a ring, a necklace, or a watch? In this article, we will go through some basic ideas for a perfect jewelry gift for your loved ones.

Initial rings

Rings with engraved initials are a huge trend right now. However, that doesn’t mean it is leaving any time soon. It has that timeless and luxurious look which makes it a perfect gift for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day. Personalization is key – put your initial or your childrens’ initials to make this a jewelry piece they will never want to take off. Don’t worry about the price, there are various metals to choose from based on your budget such as gold, white gold, sterling silver, or even a combination of those.

Luxury watch

Watches aren’t used only for telling time. Whether you are going to a formal event or going to work, a watch is an accessory that completes your outfit. There are various types you can choose from – automatic, quartz, sport, dress watches, or others. Also, the materials your watch is made of depends on the preference and what kind of style your wife, girlfriend, or sister have. If they already have a significant watch collection, then you can buy them a statement piece. However, if they still don’t have a watch, try with something simpler, like a timepiece both for daywear and nightwear.

Diamond stud earrings

We can’t argue with Marilyn Monroe when she said diamonds are a girl’s best friends. They still are, and it is a gift that never disappoints. Of course, you should choose carefully and take your time since it is not a small purchase. What is great about them is that they are versatile. Diamond studs can be worn with a white shirt and jeans but also with an evening gown. No matter the style of the woman, it goes with modern outfits and traditional ones, so you don’t need to worry much whether you picked the right ones. All in all, the cut is something you can start from since there are many – round, square, princess, Marquise, and more. You can get more information from jewelry experts who will guide you through your gift journey.

Personalized pendant necklace

Pendant necklaces are always popular, especially as anniversary gifts. If you are celebrating your wedding anniversary or the day you and your significant other met, then you can have your special date engraved on a pendant. Also, if you want to go old school, you can put small photos of your family in an open locket pendant and keep the memories. This will make your mum or grandmother happy and will probably be passed onto future generations. As for the material, there is gold, silver, rose gold which are the most popular ones. Take a close look at what precious metal is their choice, so they actually want to wear it.

The bottom line

Buying your loved one a gift should be an enjoyable experience so don’t worry a lot about what you should give them but how much of yourself you have invested. Your daughter, wife, mom, or sister would cherish that because it comes from you. It shows you care for them and that you are happy to have them in your life. Have fun while looking for the right jewelry and use any of these ideas as a guide.