BEVERLY HILLS- On Tuesday, November 25, the Beverly Hills City Council approved an amendment to its urgency ordinance in regards to parades and public assemblies.

The amendment went into effect on Wednesday, November 25. The city is now requiring a permit for any assembly or parade that takes place in Beverly Gardens Park. The west side of City Hall and La Cienega Park are the only two places that do not require a permit.

Unpermitted assemblies and parades will be prohibited in La Cienega Park for a period of 6 weeks if unpermitted assemblies or parades take place in La Cienega Park for more than 6 weeks in a 12 week period.

Demonstrators at unpermitted assemblies are prohibited from assembling on the adjacent sidewalk and are required to remain 7 feet from the curb of La Cienega Boulevard and other major streets.

“I believe these new measures will create a fair balance between free speech and the safety of the community.” Beverly Hills Mayor Lester Friedman said in a statement.