BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills City Council extended the eviction moratorium on Tuesday, August 4 for small commercial business tenants until September 30-regular rent payments will commence on October 1. The vote was unanimous (5-0) Tuesday night.

This changes to the eviction moratorium support of Governor Newsom’s order and gives small businesses more time to get their financial obligations in order, amid the impact of COVID-19. Newsom’s original eviction moratorium end date was July 31—this change does not apply to large commercial tenants.

According to a press release from the city of Beverly Hills, a large commercial business tenant is a business in association together with its Affiliates, (1) employs more than 100 employees, or (2) has average annual gross receipts of more than $15 million over the previous three years, or (3) has business operations, other than sales conducted solely through online channels, in three or more countries, including the United States; or (4) a business whose payment of rent is guaranteed by a business falling within the above list.

Small commercial business tenants and landlords who have not reached an agreement, the City Council extended the date for paying back rent until March 1, 2021.

Commercial tenants including property owners are required to meet and attempt to develop an agreement.

Any agreement determined between commercial tenants and property owners will take precedence over this ordinance and may extend the time for repayment, but must be agreed by both parties.

Anyone with questions about the city’s eviction moratorium can visit or contact the city’s Rent Stabilization Division at 310-285-1031.