BEVERLY HILLS—The City of Beverly Hills is announcing that the city’s time-honored zip code, 90210, will be celebrated on September 2.  A statement at the city’s website calls the upcoming event a “once-in-a-lifetime celebration.”

The city states that the date September 2, 2010, translates numerically into “90210.”  Residents and visitors are welcome to the “Celebrate Beverly Hills!” which will take place on the tented rooftop of the Robinsons-May parking structure, and will be hosted by Larry King.  The festivities will be filled with gourmet food, wine and marquee entertainment.

The event will continue through the Labor Day weekend with a “Taste of Beverly Hills,” sponsored by Food and Wine magazine.  Guests can expect to experience “all things epicurean,” including live cooking demonstrations from famous chefs, restaurant samplings and live musical performances.

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