BEVERLY HILLS—The city of Beverly Hills is standing with the victims, their families and the city of Las Vegas, as they attempt to recover from the shooting that transpired on Sunday, October 1 near the Las Vegas Strip where 59 people were killed and over 527 was wounded.

“There are no words that can convey the depth of our sorrow over what happened in Las Vegas,” said Mayor Lili Bosse. “We are with the victims and their families as we seek to make sense of why tragic and senseless violence occurred, yet again, in our nation.”

Therese Kosterman, Public Information Manager for the city of Beverly Hills indicated in a press release to Canyon News that the Beverly Hills City Council has made it their priority to plan for every type of emergency, including active shooter situations. Mass causality training exercises have been conducted in the Beverly Hills and will continue in the future. The Beverly Hills public safety staff has trained and completed exercises on its unified response to handling mass causality incidents.

Individuals looking for information on family or friends can contact 1-866-535-5654,

Community members are asked to educate themselves on ways to respond to all disasters. Both residents and businesses can sign up for the Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) by dialing (310) 281-2754. CERT classes teach what to do in in case of an active shooter in the region. The “Run, Hide, Fight” response is recommended during an active shooter incident. For additional information call the Office of Emergency Management, Resilience and Recovery at (310) 285-1021.