BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills Fire Department and the Beverly Hills Health & Safety Commission are introducing the “Rescue Rover;” a free pet decal that will inform the Fire Department when there are pets inside a home during a fire or other emergencies. The “Rescue Rover” has been brought forth from BH Fire Chief Ralph Mundell and Lisa Schwartz, Chair of the Health & Safety Commission.

Canyon News spoke with Therese Kosterman, Public Information Manager for the city of Beverly Hills, who indicated “Health and Safety Commission Chair Lisa Schwartz brought the decals to Beverly Hills in order to give emergency responders information about the pets in the home.”

The Pet Alert decals can be used for cats, dogs, birds or other small animals. Both the BHFD and the BH Health & Safety Commission recommend putting the decal in a high visibility area on front or back doors, prominent front or back windows or sliding doors. The decals will help firefighters determine if there is a pet in the home that needs rescuing.

According to Kosterman, the reaction of the pet decal has been positive. “Beverly Hills residents love their pets and now have an extra feeling of security that their animals will be protected,” said Kosterman.

She stated that the decal was decided as the icon to use at home because, “Sometimes firefighters respond to an emergency when no residents are at home or the residents are unable to communicate. The decal is a fast and effective way to communicate information about pets in the home to firefighters.”

The pet decals helps both the BH Health & Safety Commission and the BHFD, Kosterman noted. “The mission of the Health and Safety Commission is to promote health and safety in the community. Pets are a part of our community and this decal furthers their mission. The Fire Department can do their job more effectively now that they have more information about the occupants of a residence,” said Kosterman.

The decals are available for free at the BHFD Headquarters located at 445 N. Rexford Dr. Residents can get up to two decals. The pet decals will also be given out to city residents at the opening of the city’s new dog park opening on September 6. For more information, please call the Fire Department at (310) 281-2703.