BEVERLY HILLS—The city of Beverly Hills was awarded by the American Lung Association an “A” rating for its anti-smoking policies – one of the highest ratings in Los Angeles County.

Beverly Hills topped in most categories considered, including policies to decrease smoking in multi-unit housing, recreation areas and restaurants.  The American Lung Association also recognized Beverly Hills as one of 14 “most improved” cities in the past year.

“I would like to thank the members of the Health and Safety Commission, for developing this outstanding program,” said Mayor Lili Bosse. “We have made enormous progress toward making Beverly Hills one of the healthiest cities in the world! (#bhhealthycity) In the past year, we have tightened up already-strong anti-smoking laws and started the process to eliminate smoking in multi-unit housing by next year.”

The American Lung Association State of Tobacco Control Report examines local governments’ efforts to limit smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke.  Details on Beverly Hills scores can be found at:   The city received a total of 11 points and a “B” grade for Smokefree Outdoor Air.

In 2017, the Beverly Hills City Council passed new smoking restrictions, including prohibiting smoking in additional public spaces and within multi-unit residences.  As part of the new restrictions, the city conducted multiple public outreach campaigns to educate and engage members of the community.

Information on Beverly Hills smoking policies and programs can be viewed on the city’s website at