BEVERLY HILLS—Paula Neri, the Media Relations Coordinator for the Beverly Hills Police Department Lieutenant Reginald Evans will no longer serve in his current position, with Lieutenant Andrew Myers becoming the new Executive Officer and Public Information Officer (PIO) for the BHPD. He was thanked for his leadership and service during 2023.

Lt. Myers will oversee Media Relations, the Community Relations Unit, the Professional Standards Unit, the Reserve Unit, and the Disaster Communication System.

During his tenure, Lt. Myers served as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, and worked in an undercover capacity. He was a member of SWAT for 13 years and has been an active member of the Honor Guard and Peer Support Team since the inception of both units.

Lt. Myers built and managed the BHPD Instagram profile from 2015 to 2020, building a strong base of over 40,000 followers. Before his appointment as Executive Officer, he was the Administrative Services Lieutenant, managing recruitment, hiring, training, policies & procedures, and special projects.

His academic achievements in Criminal Justice and Sociology, along with his leadership roles, in SWAT and as the Administrative Services Lieutenant, make him qualified for his new position.

“Please join us in welcoming Lt. Myers to his new role. We look forward to a year of continued excellence and community engagement under his leadership,” said Neri in a statement.

The public is advised to continue to follow the BHPD online to stay informed.