WASHINGTON DC—On Tuesday, May 28, the closing arguments began in the Manhattan Criminal Court case of New York v. Trump. Court is scheduled to resume on Wednesday, May 29, at 10:00 a.m.(EST). Judge Juan Merchan is expected to brief the jury for approximately one hour on the legalities of the case and what could legally be considered before a verdict is reached. Outside the courthouse, the Biden campaign is set up to campaign against former President Donald J. Trump. Despite this six-week-long trial, and the trial in Georgia, Trump has continued to gain support and is leading in the polls.

On May 28, the Biden campaign brought actor, and known Trump-hater, Robert De Niro to speak against Trump. Politico first reported on Biden’s entourage campaigning at the New York Criminal Court reporting that De Niro was calling the Trump supporters “gangsters” to which someone shouted back, calling De Niro, “washed up”.

Inside the courthouse, Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche reminded the jury in closing arguments that they had a job to do.

“Each of you will decide at the end of this case whether President Trump is guilty or not guilty. President Trump is innocent. He did not commit any crimes. The District Attorney did not meet the burden of proof. Period. This case is about documents; it is a paper case. This case is not about an encounter with Stormy Daniels 18 years ago. It is not even about a nondisclosure agreement signed eight years ago,” Blanche continued.

Blanche reminded the jury that the key witness, Michael Cohen, admitted to lying under oath. “The proof doesn’t add up. There was no intent to defraud. He[Cohen] lied to you repeatedly, he is biased and motivated.

Photo Credit: A. Katz Shutterstock.com

Michael Cohen is the GLOAT. He is the greatest liar of all time, his words cannot be trusted. All those lies put them to the side for just a moment, that is enough to walk away,” Blanche stated.

The closing arguments went on for hours. Jury deliberation could begin as early as June 29. Mainstream media sources are leaking information regarding President Biden, waiting for the verdict to be publicly announced before he addresses the nation regarding the trial.

Politico indicated that the address would likely be in an informal setting such as on the South Lawn of the White House. It is not clear who in the Biden campaign may have shared this information.

The jury has yet to begin deliberation. A verdict has not been reached. The burden of proof has yet to be established.

Mainstream media appears to be implying that this court case is a done deal and former President Trump will be the first former or sitting President to be convicted of a crime, yet no crime was committed. Though the former President has been investigated and tried since he announced his nomination for the 2016 election, no one has found that there is prosecutable evidence against him.