HOLLYWOOD—Whoa! That’s the one term I can use to best describe the utter chaos that happened during week five in the “Big Bother 17” compound. First, we had a slight power shift with Jackie capturing the first HOH, and with Vanessa nabbing the second HOH. As usual, the HOHs decided to work together for a common cause.

Jeez, can they implement a rule that the new HOHs cannot speak with one another before announcing their nominations? This would create utter chaos and prevent that idea of throwing competitions, in my opinion.

Jackie nominated Liz and James, while Vanessa used pawns Becky and Clay. During a spelling BOB competition, Clay and Becky failed to capture a win, even though James was throwing the competition. What does this mean? Julia and Liz are now playing as separate entities.

Shelli, of course, was peeved to realize her lover boy was in danger of being eliminated—which led to a must-win POV ceremony for Clay. Guess what? Clay actually won something. This led to constant chaos, as the ‘Dark Moon’ alliance (yes, one of the dumbest in BB history) found their loyalty questioned by Vanessa. Vanessa, as the sole HOH, planned to stick to her word to backdoor her ally Austin, after he spilled the beans about the twins to Jason. Hello, everyone knew twins were in the abode week 2 thanks to Da’Vonne.

This led to Austin begging, in the most unflattering way to save himself, with Clelli being the deciding factor. Those two devised that Austin was a number and he couldn’t be evicted. So the transition turned to going after the ‘After Dark’ crew without them knowing. I’ll admit it; I’m sick and tired of Johnny Mac and Becky riding the fence. Pick a side, dammit; every season you have these so called floaters, waiting to play the game until week 8 or 9. Like I still doubt anyone even knows who Becky is. Johnny Mac is hilarious in his diary room confessionals, but come on, play the game already.

Vanessa got another catch of HOHitis and went nuts deciding what to do. She thought about putting up Meg, Jason, Jackie and even James. Hey Vanessa, James won BOB; he can’t be nominated, you dolt. So she decided to blindside the other side of the house by nominating Jason when Clay used the POV on himself. With the ‘house’ being the deciding factor! This stunned Meg, James, Jackie and Jason. And war erupted, finally!

Jackie unleashed a bit of fire as she went looking for answers, interrogating Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Liz and almost everyone in the house. Clay and Shelli learned a valuable lesson: if you plan to lie you better do it well. Meg, Jackie and James and Jason were well aware that Clelli played a part in him being on the receiving end of a backdoor, but it was indeed Vanessa as the ringleader.

She better be careful, she gets super paranoid when she feels trapped. At the eviction ceremony, super fan Jason was evicted. Julie Chen dropped some game-changing news to fans: BOB is over, and there will only be 1 single HOH from this point forward. So much for dominating the house for ‘The Sixth Sense’ alliance! In an epic endurance battle that lasted more than 2 hours, James walked away with victory. YES! The power has shifted and week six is turning out to be a bloodbath, as big targets are in the crosshairs and alliances are falling left and right.

I must admit I actually like Julia, way more than her sister Liz. Becky is playing double agent, and might find herself in a trap if she is not careful. James, you just earned major points with BB fans for making a bold move. The house needed a shakeout, so well done, because it was do or die for you, Meg and Jackie. Week 6 is already proving to be plenty of fun for “Big Brother 17” fanatics who tune into the live feeds.