HOLLYWOOD—Is it just me or is this season of “Big Brother” becoming more than lackluster? Just some showmance drama and hopefully something interesting will happen next week!

Prior to last week’s eviction of Michelle: James, Natalie and Michelle find out that Corey and Nicole have flipped. Michelle was not happy and continues to try to call out other players. The Head of Household competition lasts longer than the competitors expected with sliced fingers, dropped eggs and the inability to knock down the “HOH” letters. Outgoing HOH, Nicole, gets frustrated that Corey takes the time to put an egg in the “Have” container instead of focusing solely on the HOH key. In the end, the competition champion Victor wins HOH!

Victor is gunning for James since James sent him out the last time he was evicted. Paul plans on messing with Natalie’s paranoia once James is evicted to lessen her threat as a competitor. Natalie and James feel their showmance is doomed to be split up, so James goes campaigning to Victor. James tells Victor about the final four deal he, Natalie, Corey and Nicole had and points out that Natalie wanted Victor to stay. Afterwards when Victor tells Nicole and Corey what James said, Nicole acts dumb and Victor’s plan follows through. He nominates James and Natalie and makes it clear that James is his target.

On Wednesday, the beginning of conflict between Natalie and James starts when Natalie keeps saying how she regrets trusting Nicole and Corey. Natalie goes to the HOH room and apologizes to Paul and Victor for betraying Victor the week he got evicted. In her apology she says she trusted the wrong people, and this leads Victor and Paul to think she is throwing James under the bus.

This was one of my favorite Power of Veto competitions themed after the upcoming remake of the television show “MacGyver.” The competitors had to figure out how to escape three rooms and the fastest player gets the POV. Natalie went first and held onto the POV as Nicole, Victor and James got eliminated. Corey was faster than her, though, and stole the POV, and then Paul was the final competitor eliminated.

The rest of the episode is dedicated to the decline in Natalie and James showmance. The Final Four alliance speculates on getting Natalie out instead of James. Natalie questions James on his possible alliance with Nicole and Corey. Natalie’s questions hurt James’ feelings and it didn’t help when Paul told James that Natalie threw James’ name under the bus. At the POV meeting, Corey locks up the nominations and leaves Natalie and James on the block.

Thursday night is also dedicated to Natalie and James’ showmance. Don’t get me wrong, I personally like Natalie and James, but the lack of entertainment value this season is so boring! The Final Four alliance is still trying to figure out if Natalie or James should go, and James and Natalie spend the episode bickering. The most interesting part this week is James and Natalie’s fight where James practically accuses Natalie of using him.

This has also been a season of “Big Brother” babies with past contestants Rachel and Brendan showing off their baby girl a few weeks ago, and Jeff and Jordan stopping by to talk about Jordan’s pregnancy. Turns out the rare showmance does last outside of the house!

It’s eviction time and with a 3-0 vote, Natalie is evicted leaving James to either be scooped up by showmance Nicole and Corey, or bromance Paul and Victor. Next week’s HOH competition starts with only four competitors left and Victor watching as the previous HOH. Another “Big Brother” classic competition where the players have to run up and down a soapy runway with a scooper full of liquid and the first person to fill up their container wins HOH.

Please, “Big Brother,” bring some entertainment value back next week! The schedule has changed from here on out with “Big Brother 18” now airing on CBS Sunday at 8 p.m., Tuesday at 8 p.m. and Wednesday at 8 p.m.