HOLLYWOOD—It has been a week of extra chances and missed chances on “Big Brother 18”! One more person is gone and we are not that far away from the season finale on September 21.

Sunday’s episode showed some drama prior to last week’s eviction. Paul had confronted James about backstabbing, but Michelle jumped in to fight with Paul. This confrontation led to James letting slip that Natalie wanted Victor to stay in the game, leading to a loss of trust from Nicole and Corey.

In the Head of Household competition the first five jurors, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette, Paulie and Victor, competed for a spot back into the house, while everyone competed for the HOH. For the jurors, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette and Paulie fell off the slanting wall giving Victor an unprecedented third chance at the $500,000 prize! Corey, Victor, Paul and James then fall leaving Nicole this week’s HOH and her target is Michelle.

Two final four deals are made between Nicole, Corey, James and Natalie, and Nicole, Corey, Paul and Victor. Nicole and Corey discuss their options of choosing sides, and their choice is made easier when the couple gains more power as Corey gets America’s Care Package. This care package allows Corey to bribe one houseguest with $5,000 to perform an action. The bribe is only usable until next week’s HOH competition.

Nicole, Corey, Paul and Victor create the alliance The Final Four and to solidify their alliance Paul volunteers to be a pawn to help Nicole get Michelle out. Nicole goes along with her original target and nominates Michelle and Paul as a strategy move.

On Wednesday, Nicole keeps up the appearance that Paul is her main target since he is a strong competitor. For the Power of Veto competition, the picking of players stirs some suspicion in James, Natalie and Michelle when Paul gets a “Houseguest’s Choice” chip and picks Corey. The other players for the competition are Nicole, Michelle, Victor and James. This competition is Christmas themed and the classic memory game where the competitors are challenged to guess the number of an object after being shown a smaller sample size.

I swear Corey is the biggest floater I have seen on “Big Brother” in a while. I complained last week about his and Nicole’s lack of effort in memorizing the hints for the POV competition, and this POV competition he seems to care more about the reindeers than trying to win the competition. He did one smart move after Victor and James are eliminated by “guessing” a wild number to keep Michelle from knocking Nicole out of the game. Michelle is the next one eliminated and Nicole beats Paul giving her the POV. Corey and Nicole hold all the power this week!

James and Natalie are starting to suspect that Victor is working with Nicole and Corey. The stress of the game causes Michelle to have a break down, but Natalie is able to comfort her. When Paul throws out the idea to Nicole to pull him off the block, Nicole starts to worry that Paul is no longer trustworthy. In the end, she sticks with her plan and does not use the POV.

Eviction night and Corey’s $5,000 bribe still has not been used! James really wants that $5,000 so he at least will go home with something if he doesn’t win “Big Brother” and is even willing to throw the next HOH competition. Corey and Nicole don’t trust his offer and start to get paranoid that maybe Victor is working with Michelle. To ensure their plan goes through, Corey bribes Victor with the $5,000 to vote Michelle out during the next eviction.

Just before the live eviction Julie Chen pulls at the houseguests’ heart strings by showing them home videos of their families wishing them luck. Aw! Paul and Victor can barely talk afterwards through the tears. Now, back to the drama! During the eviction speech, Michelle tells the whole house that if Paul stays, then he and Victor will go to the final two together, and if she stays she will be gunning after Victor. The votes come in and it is a tie with Nicole breaking it by voting Michelle out. Michelle continues to cause drama by calling Nicole out as a floater who will float her way to the top and steals Paul’s duck floatie and throws it to the audience.

The next HOH competition begins, but we won’t find out the winner until Sunday. The competitors have to move eggs over a coop through chicken wire and then try to knock down three targets. The first to knock down the targets wins HOH and the first three houseguests to put an egg in the “Have” basket will not be “Have Nots” this week. Next week, one power couple will have to be split up, and it all depends on who wins this HOH. Until then “Big Brother” fans!

“Big Brother 18” airs on CBS at 8 p.m. on Sunday, 8 p.m. on Wednesday and 9 p.m. on Thursday.