HOLLYWOOD—Team PP, Paul and Paulie, got their bromance on and had control of the house for the week!

On Sunday, we began with the continuation of the Head of Household competition with the houseguests practicing rolling a yellow ball down a curvy ramp. Paulie is the first one to try to hit the box with his red ball, but misses. Michelle and Natalie are able to get their ball in the “Perfect Shot” box with their practice balls, but miss with the ball that counts. At the end of the game Paul wins with the highest score and becomes HOH for the week!

Paul immediately sets his sights on Bridgette to finish off the Frank and Bridgette duo that became the hot topic last week. Paulie on the other hand wants to go after Da’Vonne, because he feels she is a bigger target than Bridgette. Paul tries to find a pawn among his friends to sit next to Bridgette, but no one seems willing to volunteer. After some discussion Nicole volunteers since she has not been on the block.

Bridgette checks in with Paul and Paulie to try and campaign for herself. She throws out Da’Vonne and Nicole’s names as possible nominees, but has no real information to give the HOH. The first America’s Care Package floats down to the backyard and the recipient is Natalie! She gets a pass to never be a “Have Not” for the whole summer among other specialty items.

Nicole begins having second thoughts about volunteering to be a pawn, and Paulie agrees to take her place. Bromance PP is planning to win all the competitions this week! Paul goes through with the plans and nominates Bridgette and Paulie to be on the block.

On Wednesday trouble goes brewing throughout the house. Da’Vonne tells Bridgette to push for Nicole to get evicted. In private, Paul tells Bridgette she is just a pawn, so if she doesn’t get evicted like he wants he can cover his bases. There is trouble between the showmance of Paulie and Zakiyah and they end up having a fight.

The Power of Veto picks this week are Paul, Paulie, Bridgette, Corey, Victor and Natalie. Before the POV competition Da’Vonne continues to throw out Nicole’s name and Paulie passes this information to Nicole and Corey. Paulie also mentions putting Zakiyah up on the block next week if she continues to bring drama.

The POV competition is a “Ready Set Go” race where the slowest person to hit their buzzer once the word “Go” appears is eliminated each round. Corey gets eliminated first with a false start and each person after that until it is down to Victor and Paulie. Paulie wins and I think we all know who he is going to use the POV on.

After the POV competition, Paulie tells Zakiyah he wants Da’Vonne as the replacement, and Zakiyah says she wants to go after Paul next week. Paulie relays this information to Paul, and it is looking like a showmance might not save Zakiyah in the future. At the POV meeting, Paulie pulls himself off and Paul puts up Da’Vonne, in private telling her she is only a pawn.

Eviction night! Da’Vonne confronts Paul about being put up as a pawn, and even though Paul reassures her that Bridgette is his target, she does not believe him. Da’Vonne continues to campaign for herself with Zakiyah, Michelle and Natalie. James is conflicted because he wants to keep Da’Vonne, but the house does not.

There is speculation on next week being a double eviction week stirring up more paranoia in Da’Vonne. She walks in as part of the house is discussing putting up Bridgette and Victor for the double eviction. But wait, if Bridgette is supposed to go home this week, why would she be a candidate for eviction next week? Da’Vonne tries to campaign to James and Natalie, but James is not sure if he is ready to go against the house yet.

The votes are in and it is 6-2, Da’Vonne gets evicted. Unfortunately for her, her envelope from the secret room is a one-way ticket, but she does get to become the first member of the jury. On the way out the door, she made a move and whispered to Victor that the house is planning to vote him out if it is a double eviction next week.

At the end of the night another endurance HOH competition began where the houseguests are holding onto spinning ropes. Their speculations are correct and next week is a double eviction, but someone could always come back if they have that round trip ticket! Also, next week’s America’s Care Package gives someone the advantage of preventing two people from voting in the next eviction. Until then “Big Brother” fans!

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