HOLLYWOOD—I cannot believe it, we are literally a week away from celebrating the 20th season of the CBS reality-competition series “Big Brother.” I have literally watched every season of this series since it debuted nearly 20 years ago, some seasons much better (BB3, BB6, BB7 and BB10) than others (BB1, BB9, BB15 and BB19). However, the question all avid fans of the series wanted to know is rather BB20 would give audiences what we’ve been asking for since the awesome “Big Brother 7” aka “Big Brother: All Stars?” It’s much harder to answer that question than I expected. Why?

Well, we got a partial cast reveal on Monday, June 18 and there are some fresh faces to the rooster, but for reasons I cannot imagine, the producers of this show just won’t give us fans (the ones who actual watch the live feeds and subscribe to the feeds) what we want: a season full of hungry players, who fell short of winning the crown or who has come back to prove something that has never been done in the franchise: WIN TWICE!

Nope. Once again, we’ve been denied the season that we deserve and we have an all new cast, but remember this is “Big Brother,” and with rumors running rampant about potential returnees joining the cast, I certainly hope so. Why? The cast is out and based on first impressions, I’m not dying about this cast. I’m not certain if it’s the fact that these people feel like they were randomly picked last minute or what, but I don’t get the impression that we’re looking at people ready to fight tooth and nail for $500,000.

The first thing I have to point out is that diversity seems slightly lacking when it comes to age. I mean what the hell happened to us having a season where we had more than 1 contestant in the 40s or even 50s for that matter. Nowadays, casting seems so concerned with casting the hot models or twentysomethings in hopes of stirring up a showmance or two.

We have eight guys and eight girls, 13 out of 16 of the contestants this season are in their 20s. Yes, that should be very telling. The virtual standouts, it’s only 3 because of their age is Steve, 40, Angie, 35, and Kaycee, 30. Angie pops because of her pink hair and her odd glasses. Tyler is giving off major vibes of Frank from “Big Brother 14” and when it comes to Rachel, I thought I was looking at Jessica from “Big Brother 19!” However, it’s not the case, but if she has Jessica’s ability to call people’s BS with better strategy she could be fun to watch.

Not certain, but Brett seems like the contestant audience’s will love to hate. He seems like he’s going to be a troublemaker in the house or rub people the wrong way. Due time will tell America, in due time. Haleigh, has a stunning resemblance to another reality TV fave in Andrea Boehlke from “Survivor.” You really have to take a double look to realize that Haleigh is NOT Andrea, but I would die if Andrea was part of the cast America.

Scottie looks like he fills the stereotype of the nerdy guy, Chris is the token Black male, JC is the gay guy, Angela is the hot girl, with Winston and Faysal as the hot guys. I really hate the fact that BB is so keen on filling these ‘token spots’ instead of filling a cast solely on personality. That is not to say any of these characters won’t be fun to watch, it just delivers a preconceived notion to the audience that I think is a bummer.

The range of occupations this season include a substitute teacher, flight attendant, lifeguard, life coach, fitness model, pro football player, sales reps, welder, undercover cop, dancer and a college student. Quite diverse, but it’s apparent from what I’ve heard and read so far that we are looking at contestants who have not watched past seasons. It seems only seasons 16-19, which is a major bummer if you ask me to say the least.

Will there be twists for BB20? Of course, one of the first bombs seems to be the impact of social media on the game. How big of an impact this will play in the game? Viewers will likely not discover that until premiere night. While I’m not 100 percent sold on the cast just yet, after the first episode or two of the season I will be able to better gauge things.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I seriously hoping we are getting a few returnees or a twist to bring some fan favorites back to the mix for this milestone. If not, “Big Brother” better get in line to deliver audience’s a true All-Stars season by the 25th season if the show is still in existence. The new season of “Big Brother” kicks off on Wednesday, June 27 at 8 p.m. on CBS.