HOLLYWOOD—I cannot even believe I’m saying this; I cannot wait for “Big Brother 20” to be over! The predictability for the past 3 weeks has led to some of the most boring feeds I have witnessed since “Big Brother 16.” Look there is nothing fun about a freaking steamroll. It causes you to lose interest as a viewer. I think I’ve finally come to the point where Allison Grodner and the producers of “Big Brother” realize you don’t need twist to have exciting gameplay. When you introduce a twist it stifles the gameplay and in a major way.

This week has been far worse than last week. Kaycee won the HOH in perhaps one of the easiest comps to date. Like where the hell are the Q&A competitions for Head of Household. We’ve literally only had 2 the entire season up to this point, we’ll likely see our third during this Thursday’s first and only double eviction of the season. There might be one or two more as the final five will quickly become the final four with another likely eviction around September 17, September 18 or September 19 so that we can have that live eviction on September 20, to get to the final three.

Jeez, I wish BB would just go back to the formula for “Big Brother 10.” That worked flawlessly and the audience was delivered some of the best strategy, gameplay, fights and battles to the utter end I mean all the way up till the final two it was a battle to the finish. That stupid hacker twist totally worked in favor of Level 6 who utilized it to their advantage for 2 weeks, had it not been for that we would still have a back and forth battle instead of a decimation of the Foutte or Hive alliance (whatever you want to call it).

As soon as Kaycee won the HOH, the collective BB fandom let out a massive sigh because we knew how predictable the week would be. By a mere second people, a mere second we good have had one of the best weeks ever with Brett as HOH. Why? He was planning to take a shot at Level 6 and target Angela and Kaycee. Heck, I would have been rooting for a JC HOH because I need to see the house dynamics change. I feel like I’m watching BB12 or BB16 and I hated those seasons for the peer boredom the audience had to endure as a solid alliance coasted to the end. That is no fun to watch, it creates no drama whatsoever.

So Scottie was evicted again by a unanimous vote, but he gave a hell of a speech that had to be bleeped. Angela took it personal, but give me a break. This is the same woman who loves to give these epic speeches and then go run up to the HOH room or lock herself away so she doesn’t have to deal with confrontation. If you’re going to dish it, you have to be able to take it. Angela likes to poke the bear, but when someone pokes her back she wants to cry wolf. I’m over Angela people; she can go, and I am begging, I mean begging for the powers that be that JC or Brett somehow win the HOH during the double eviction so we can send her pretentious butt packing. Oh, it would be glorious TV, and considering where things are headed the BB Gods need to honor this wish for fans cause it’s long overdue to say the least. Even a Sam HOH would be interesting because it wouldn’t be predictable; that is the key, no one likes reality competition TV that is predictable. It causes you to lose interest very fast.

Tangela is very much a thing, we’ve gone from cuddling and looks, to full on make-out sessions, JC is annoyed, Brett is perceptive as well, Haleigh is out the door so it doesn’t matter (more on that in a minute), Sam is clueless and Kaycee is stupid for not noticing it. So we get to nominations and for the third consecutive week Haleigh is on the block, this time alongside her nemesis Sam. Sam should be more upset by this turn of events because she, Tyler and Kaycee were to be a trio. Sam, if she goes to the jury unexpectedly, I can see her being very bitter and I mean super bitter America. Tyler and Kaycee better be very careful with her because if they wrong here its game over for either of them if they make it to the final two without the other.

We get to the veto comp and we have the BB Comics, but most of the HGs comics were a total bust America. I mean we’re used to getting comics that are clear depictions of how the houseguests are actually perceived outside of the house. This time I don’t know what they were thinking and they totally changed the notion of hang-gliding to catch the clues and utilizing a bar. Of course Kaycee would win with that adjustment because you allow the houseguest to maintain their balance while looking at the comics.

I mean Kaycee blew the competition out of the water, winning in about 2 minutes. That is amazing and I am absolutely getting behind Kaycee as a winner of the season. I just have one problem: she is not self-interested. If she could open her blinders to Tyler and Angela, she would know it would be in her best interest to cut Tyler and Angela to get to the final two to improve her already impressive resume. I mean if she is sitting next to JC, Sam, Brett at this point she has a 90 percent chance of winning the game no doubt in my mind. She wins against Angela hands down because Kaycee’s jury management did not piss off any HGs, whereas Angela could only win sitting next to Sam at this point if you ask me.

I think even Brett would beat her in the end. I’m praying fingers crossed that BB20 offers us that double eviction we’ve been eyeing for years. I mean when was the last season we had a double eviction that left audiences raving at the TV screen. The last time I can recall that was BB6 and BB13; that is 2 seasons out of 20 seasons. Not good if you’re asking me America! Brett and JC for HOH, but I’m secretly praying for a JC HOH cause it will be wild to see people, but Brett definitely needs it with Tyler and Kaycee planning to make a move. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this: I’m rooting for Brett to win the season America!