HOLLYWOOD—Another week, another surprising outcome I did not expect. But first, we have to talk about that epic, and I mean epic house meeting in the “Big Brother 20” house where Haleigh confessed to being the hacker, and Bayleigh flew off the rails throwing every accusation in the book at Tyler and he was somewhat exposed. At last, I thought no one would catch on to what this guy was doing, well at least Haleigh, Rockstar and Scottie are aware. His alliance members, Angela, Kaycee and JC don’t seem to care. Brett on the other hand is loyal, but I think he will indeed make a move, but it might be too little too late if you ask me.

Anyways, Bayleigh delivered the first epic fight of the season and feeds gold if you ask me. It was everything as a fan of “Big Brother” you want from the houseguests. However, it was not enough to save her as she became the first member of the jury by a vote of 6-1. This was a crazy vote because Sam voted to evict Rockstar, and apparently she was losing it, big time. So much to the point she wanted to self-evict. I’d rather not spoil too much, but just scour the internet and you will see what I’m talking about. Frankly, if a contestant is so unhinged they don’t want to be there, the producers NEED to allow them to leave the premises and actually make it happen. If you see someone is being psychologically tortured by being in the house, who cares about great TV, you have to think about their wellbeing first. Sam really is unravelling and it’s time to let her go, watching her emotions unravel during Sunday’s episode was disheartening.

Now, we get to a pivotal HOH, the knockout. To be honest I hate this one because if you’re in the minority it is almost a given that you will not be victorious, but not the case this week. It seems JC was still playing both sides and it may have cost Level 6 the HOH, because in a nail-bitter, Haleigh took home the victory. I was ecstatic with the news because it meant something might not actually go Level 6’s way for once. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.

However, it was fun seeing Angela, Kaycee, Tyler and even JC spiral for a bit not having a clue what Haleigh might do. Tyler likes to be in control and when he is not, you see tons of messiness in his game play. Seriously, you telling your allies to tell the HOH to backdoor should have been a clear sign to them that you have a power. I cannot understand for the life in me why the hell Angela and Kaycee are willing to write the check for $500,000 to Tyler. They might as well exit the game now. This is why I HATE newbie seasons! These people are NOT self-interested, like vets, if this were an all-star season the top priority would be themselves before anyone else which makes for better gameplay if you ask me.

Let’s talk about Sam because it seems like she is done with Level 6 and Tyler. I think it has more to do with the fact that she sees the dirty tactics in regards to their gameplay and she doesn’t like that. Tyler might have made a major flub this week telling Sam about his power app. She knows he has ‘The Cloud’ and she knows precisely how the power works. She was flabbergasted he didn’t tell her he had the app after she confided her power to him. Sam is loyal to a fault, but I think her relationship with Angela is dunzo, Brett is questionable and with Kaycee it’s not as strong as Kaycee thinks.

Sam knowing this information could be crucial as we edge closer to Thursday’s eviction. Why? Well Haleigh nominated Angela and Kaycee for eviction with Tyler as the backdoor plan. There was one slight hiccup in the plan: the Hacker competition. For those of us who thought it was great last week, it bit us in the bum this week. Why? Kaycee, yes that person, of all people won the competition. She removed herself from the block and nominated Rockstar. No surprise there America. Rockstar was livid and so was Foutte because it’s now likely one of their own will go home on Haleigh’s HOH because Tyler won the veto!

Yes, that happened and the events leading up to it is just plain awful. Apparently Tyler had one of the answers wrong and Rockstar either intentionally or inadvertently informed him it was incorrect giving Tyler the opportunity to go find the correct answer before Haleigh. Yeah, this just blew my mind. Angela and Kaycee were the first two out, Foutte had the odds in their favor and somehow Tyler still won the veto. This is why I hoped Scottie was in the comp, because I knew he would nab the win.

This works for Level 6 because Brett has ingratiated himself very well with Foutte, but he is indeed playing with jury votes. Brett is a douche and he needs to be careful with those goodbye messages. If I’m being honest, Brett and Angela have no shot at winning the game unless they are sitting next to each other in the end, and I don’t see that happening.

With Kaycee being able to cancel a vote, she is likely to prevent Fessy from voting, which means, we have a 4-2 vote, with Level 6 having the advantage. However, there could be some hope, and it comes in the form of JC. JC has been playing both sides well, but Scottie, Haleigh and even Level 6 are aware of his antics. If someone with a brain, perhaps Scottie can talk to JC to convince him to allow the vote this week to be a tie, it could work in favor of Rockstar staying and perhaps Kaycee going home. Yeah, Tyler used the veto on Angela and if Foutte can’t see their aligned, I don’t know what will help these people at this point.

Scottie and Haleigh are already talking about going after JC and if JC gets wind of this, this might force him to want to align with Fessy and his crew to decrease his target and actually make a game move that benefits him because he’s at the bottom of the other alliance he has no idea about. With that being said, JC can argue he voted to evict Kaycee and pin it on Brett (he is a ‘lone wolf’ as Foutte expects, but he really is not). JC has a bit of power this week and he needs to play it to his advantage. Another major possibility is Sam telling Foutte about Tyler’s power app. She already hinted it to Rockstar to a degree, but she didn’t go to exact detail.

That could really blow Tyler’s game up and force his alliance to question him and weaken his strategical moves because it benefits you to just nominate him at the initial nomination ceremony. The power can only be used once and if it is, he can still be replaced during the veto ceremony if he’s not safe. However, my gut tells me Rockstar is out, JC and Brett will finally be exposed and the audience will be left rooting for Haleigh, Scottie, Fessy and Sam against the others.

I’m really hoping Scottie gets HOH this week because I can see him making a move that changes the dynamics of the house and thank God this Hacker twist is dunzo. The houseguests should be aware who the audience is rooting for because it was apparent they all heard the screams and cheers when Haleigh won HOH this week. Yes, that news shook Angela and Kaycee a bit, and I’m certain Tyler as well, and Scottie is a major target for Level 6 so he needs this win now more than ever and we could see Tyler and Angela on the block with that stupid cloud power exposed.