HOLLYWOOD—Well it has finally happened America. We have our first repeat HOH of the season, not to mention a piece of furniture winning a competition finally and Fessy and Haleigh learning they were completely duped last week. Angela picked up her second HOH win that was quite frankly luck based and made another big move. Before we get to that, we have to talk about the unanimous vote to evict Scottie 6-0. Yes, Scottie was screwed big time by Fessy and Haleigh, and they learned that this week the hard way. However, there is a twist that could change the game! We’ll talk about that later. Angela and Tyler are an item, even if they’d like the rest of America and the house to think they aren’t. We see the live feeds we know what is going on, even Brett, JC, Fessy, Haleigh, Sam and Kaycee know, that should scream something to both Tyler and Angela: you are viewed as a power couple and a threat.

Haleigh immediately became unnerved by Angela’s HOH win because she saw the writing on the wall, even though Fessy refused to. Yes, Angela put up both Haleigh and Fessy, after agreeing to a fake deal last week. Bold move, but not that best considering the girl is really burning jury votes in a way that she has no shot at winning regardless of who she is sitting next to in the end. Let’s see how she is doing this 1) Constant lying 2) Horrid goodbye messages 3) Appears to be seen as lacking emotion. That is a problem because I doubt Angela has the ability to give a compelling final speech to the jury that will convince them why she should be crowned the winner.

Haleigh confirmed what she already knew last week from her conversation with Scottie: Brett, Kaycee, Angela and Tyler are in an alliance. Sam and JC our on the outs of that alliance, but have no clue, but Haleigh did spill that tea to JC, so let’s see if he can connect the dots. I’ll be honest I would LOVE to see JC turn on Tyler. I already know he is seething about Angela, so to see him win power and make that move would be glorious TV. So with Haleigh and Fessy as nominees for the week, the players in this week gross out, crazy veto comp was Kaycee, Angela, JC, Sam, Fessy and Haleigh. Surprise, Kaycee finally won a competition, but it was by a mere point, which left Fessy livid. He wasn’t happy about losing the veto, and as so many people said, the season has become predictable. It looks like the house wants Fessy out, but it appears Tyler might want Haleigh out, and I can see him as the swing vote this week.

Why? JC and Sam are obviously voting for Haleigh to be evicted, while Kaycee and Brett want Fessy out. So Tyler breaks the tie and it could be very dangerous this week. Why? You blindside someone yet again (Haleigh) who suspects she has the votes to stay, you also blindside Fessy and then you blindside your alliance. That is not the biggest problem though, it’s the fact that Tyler’s cloud app expires this week. He no longer has that protection in his back pocket, and people are already talking about the fact that Tyler might have had the power app all along and kept it a secret. Good on his part for being able to keep his mouth shut, besides telling Sam.

The bigger problem is the news Julie broke during Scottie’s eviction: we have a jury battleback! I will be honest I was praying for this because as a viewer and fan of the show it creates instability and changes the house dynamics. So all this work Level 6 has put in this week to get Fessy out, is pointless because they’re not getting rid of a number from the other side, someone is COMING BACK INTO THE HOUSE! Angela is unable to compete, which means she is vulnerable, the competition for HOH has to be endurance; it’s the only thing that gives the juror who returns a fighting chance to survive and it will be a battle for the ages which I’m all for.

Not to mention the feeds have been absolutely boring all week and predictable, now that we know Fessy is the target, when it should be JC. I hate the little rascal, but he is indeed playing a good game, but he might finally taste the block in the next week or so considering people are onto him. He is cozying up to Brett in an attempt to have him target Kaycee and Angela, but it could create a war that causes major friction with Tyler who is caught in the middle.

Bayleigh would be a firecracker upon return and I know Angela and Tyler are targets if she wins HOH, Rockstar would also do the same, Scottie; I’m not certain who he would target if he returned. I can say if Fessy is out, Scottie no doubt aligns with Haleigh; they try to pull in Sam, and I know he wants to target Brett and JC (which would be fun to watch, at least JC on the block). Those four would HAVE to work together to have a fighting chance. Heck even if Fessy comes back he is still aligned with Haleigh, he’s going to go after Tyler and Angela no matter what and one will go home.

I was at first skeptical about Rockstar’s return, but she would align with Haleigh, she is close to Sam, so that makes them a trio and perhaps Hales and Sam can try to work out their hatred for one another; they need each other to survive. The biggest thorn with a returning juror is games are exposed for Level 6 (they can no longer hide), Brett needs to abandon ship and make a move, and he KNOWS he is at the bottom, yet is willing to go to final four where he loses. You don’t get a prize for getting your alliance near the end Brett; open your damn eyes. Let’s talk Angela because she is an enigma to me. If you’re going to make a big move, stop running up to the HOH room after doing it. Own your s***! This is where she will have issues with the jury because I wouldn’t respect her. She did this to Bayleigh, now she is doing the same thing to Fessy and Haleigh. Reality check to Angela, the jury is majority Foutte; you can lose by 1 vote, but in your case if you get to the final 2 you might lose by a unanimous vote.

Here is why I am even more excited for a juror returning. It will change some dynamics in the house, especially if the underdogs (whoever remains of Fess and Hales) and whoever returns (Scottie, Bayleigh and Rockstar) gains power. Level 6 will finally have to turn inward, and the smart players are not going after Sam, JC that is questionable. I would put him up to scare him, and hope either myself or one of my allies won veto so he can owe us one and then backdoor a member of the opposing side. Also I have to guess without a doubt the September 6 eviction episode has to be a double eviction as numbers have to dwindle.

Would it have been nice to see 2 double evictions this season? Of course, but considering this is so late in the game, the house probably won’t expect it and it will be utter chaos to watch, if the opposing side wins HOH again. Is it possible yes? However, I only see that if Scottie, Haleigh or Rockstar are in the house. I feel they have the mental capacity to win such comps; the only person on Level 6 who might be a threat for this is Tyler. We’re reaching the endgame, and I thought things were going downhill, thanks for this twist, its needed!