HOLLYWOOD—Things were fantastic last week on Wednesday and Thursday before the live-eviction. I mean Jackson, of all people, came up with a fantastic lie after eavesdropping on a conversation between Cliff, Nicole and Tommy. Here’s a tip to former “Big Brother” players: be aware of where you are talking because someone is always listening. If you’re truly going to talk strategy, do it outside because guess what, you can see who is around.

Jackson used that lie to get into the minds of Nicole and Cliff who started to doubt Tommy, utilizing complete verbiage from Tommy’s prior conversation. It was a genius move America; absolutely fantastic to say the least. However, the feeds were cut nearly all day on Thursday for an epic house meeting, where Tommy and Jackson went toe-to-toe. The audience only got to see the edited version which is an absolute cheat in my opinion. What we saw was fantastic though? It made it clear to me that Tommy does not respect Holly’s game. Even if she gets to the end (which is very likely at this point), she is seen more as being carried to the end by Jackson then actually getting there.

Cliff and Nicole I can sense KNEW Jackson was lying, but wanted to remain loyal for reasons I’m not certain. You’re paying for $500,000 loyalty means nothing. So Tommy found himself voted out by Nicole and Cliff, with a final four HOH endurance. This is so confusing, because I cannot recall the final four HOH being endurance in like forever, which means the first part of the final 3 HOH has to be some sort of mental competition; it has to be. I’m gearing to a potential ‘Before and After’ competition, which we have not seen at all this season. I think the second part will be a memory or physical comp, perhaps a puzzle, while the third part being days or a crap shoot.

Back to the action, this HOH was a disaster because it was the standing on the disc, while being walloped by a prop. Look this competition didn’t even last 10 minutes. Holly threw the comp in the deal that Cliff and Nicole made with her. Was it smart? Not really in my opinion because Holly’s resume is not impressive. She won two HOHs, but the first one nearly blew up in her face, and she only sent Sam home who could have helped her game. Her second HOH she sent Nick home, but what has she done since then? Nothing and the jury will take note of that.

Cliff fell, Holly fell and Nicole is our HOH. She is guaranteed to be present on finale night. That is 2 HOHs and 1 POV for Nicole when she needed it most. She has to win part 1 or part 2 of the final HOH and then win the third part if she wants any shot at a victory. We will talk more about why later. So we have a very boring house: Cliff, Nicole, Holly and Jackson. It all comes down to the POV, which we all thought would be mental considering we just had a physical competition. Nope, it was physical and involved knocking down targets and Jackson won his FOURTH POV!

The guy is a beast, he’s won 3 HOHs and 4 POVs, he’s reach the level of Janelle Pierzena and Daniele Donato status with those numbers America. If he gets to the end he absolutely deserves the win based on competition alone, but remember comp wins alone do not always guarantee you the win in “Big Brother.” I think Jackson might be forgetting that. This could be a bitter jury and we’ve seen very bitter juries in the past. This is vital if Nicole can present this argument to Jackson.

Cliff for some reason suspected Jackson would honor his deal and take him to the final 3 and cut Holly. It’s not happening Cliff; open your eyes, you sealed your fate by not taking out Holly last week, thereby using Tommy to potentially cut Jackson. Jackson needs to be cut to earn major kudos with the jury. If Nicole does that I think she seals a win with the jury because they will find it impressive especially considering it was a 2-1 battle with the odds not in her favor.

All Nicole needs to do is get inside Jackson’s head and say, your wins are impressive, but the jury could be bitter against you in a battle with Holly. You played dirty some would say, while everyone else will see Holly’s game as much cleaner and her social ability to not win comps and stay afloat without being nominated until day 83. She can also use the argument that Kat and Jess are locked votes for Holly (remember Kat and Holly know each other). With Cliff threatening his jury vote as a maneuver that could indeed get in Jackson’s head people, however, when you implement doubt it plays with a person’s mind.

Nicole is not dead in the water, and at this point I can see any of three remaining winning. Cliff, is there a way for him to stay? Potentially, but he would really have to get into Jackson’s psyche regarding Holly being a bigger jury threat then he thinks, using the same argument I gave for Nicole. After the POV, this week was an utter bore, and so will next week considering it’ll be Holly and Jackson smooching all week with Nicole, alone on an island.

We have to get a jury segment this week for me to truly assess where the jury stands because right now I have no idea if these people will be bitter or respect gameplay. One thing is certain, Holly I think is guaranteed a spot in the final 2 unless someone gets into Jackson’s mind and forces him to think about $500k versus $50k. The same with Nicole as she is wavering with the notion that Jackson deserves it.

This woman is way too empathetic with people. She could want to take Jackson over Nicole, which I think could cost her the win. Do I think Jackson would cut Holly for the money? In a heartbeat, but Holly not so much; if she did it though it would be fantastic television. We have not had a true jaw-dropping eviction this season and the fans are long overdue for it.

I’m eager for the final three HOHs, something tells me we are going to see something we haven’t seen and that sets up for an interesting finale America. There is definitely mental coming into play, and I don’t think it’ll be part 3 as so many people expect. Am I happy with the current end result? No, but in “Big Brother” you cannot always get what you want, so we have to pray that Nicole pulls out the big win so we have an more interesting final 3 battle on finale night. We hope she’ll cut Jackson and the jury and audience will absolutely be living for it.