HOLLYWOOD—I will have to say, I am slightly disappointed with the kickoff of “Big Brother 21.” The ugliness of some of these contestants really reared its head this week. We already talked about the shameful treatment of Kemi, Jessica, David and Ovi last week, but the mayhem continued more this week. With Camp Comeback in play, David returned to the house and immediately it shook Jackson to the core. Let’s just say this guy is insecure and threatened by other men, who might be better looking or stronger than him.

Some of the comments for the H8ful eight (Christie, Analyse, Jackson, Jack and Holly) really got my blood boiling. Making comments of him being a cancer, evil and just plain racist commentary left many of the fandom eagerly waiting for the downfall of this power alliance. Oh, we know it’s going to happen, we just wish it occurred sooner than later. Jack and Jackson apparently had a chat by production about their comments, which led to Jackson shedding man tears about how he is perceived by America. Let’s just say Jackson, we consider you to be a douche, not only for your comments about several of the minorities in the house, but your treatment of Kathryn who you hooked up with pre-feeds.

Am I glad production stepped in yes, but at the same time, the episodes have not addressed the issue! Hey editors, you’re leaving out some major detail to the audience regarding how these people formed the opinions they have formed. In other news, Jack is HOH “ugh” I know that was the response from more than 75 percent of fans of BB. No surprise that the nominations ended up being Kemi and Jessica. Who didn’t see that coming as Jack laid out who the first 4-5 evictees would be in week 1? Does Jack not understand how things operate? No one or one alliance stays in power the entire game.

Ovi learned from Nicole that Jack, Jackson, Tommy, Christie and several others did NOT have his best interest in play. Finally, Ovi caught a clue and the audience now knows that Ovi’s power is still in play if he gets back into the game. That is an interesting development. David has a far better read on the house than almost everyone else. He pegged all the members in Gr8ful’s alliance and shared those details to Ovi. This is very good, now we just need these two to spill those facts to Kathryn, Jessica, Sam, Cliff and Kemi. They need to leave Bella and Nick out of the conversation for now because those two are not fully loyal, but if only they knew they were at the bottom of the alliance that would change everything.

Sam for the second consecutive week won the Power of Veto. Sam REALLY did not need to win this veto, and he is raising the target level of himself. If anything he should have thrown this veto to Kemi or Jess. Kemi is of course the target, but she is taking it well and not flipping out. Jessica on the other hand is an emotional mess, after Jack pinpointed her as the cause of the Black Widows alliance. Jess, it was Bella! And the truth is now Jess and Nicole know Bella cannot be trusted. I’m just waiting for Jessica to finally confront Bella. Bella is a rat, and she is slowly, but certainly being exposed, however, Bella caused all sorts of panic this week.

She spilled to Jackson what Kemi told her almost leading to the core alliance shattering, but they pieced themselves back together. However, Bella just whew, girl cannot keep a secret. She spilled the tea to Sam about Gr8ful and now moves are being made in the BB house! Sam realized that he was in the bottom, and while Nick and Bella cannot be fully trusted they are indeed loyal people, that matters to a degree. On top of that, Cliff was busted by Christie who eavesdropped as he chatted to the cameras. She learned about his alliance with Ovi and Nicole, and that he is aware of the core alliance, he just didn’t know the name. Christie was not happy and told everyone and I mean everyone who would listen to her lips spill the tea. Damn, this one is a mess when she’s not on the block, can you imagine her if she is nominated and could potentially go home? Oh, it would be feeds glory!

Bella is NOT done people, she spilled tea to Kemi that Christie knows about Ovi, Nicole and Cliff’s alliance. So Kemi and Nicole are really working, along with Sam to find a way to save Kemi so she can take a shot at the other side of the house, and thank the BB Gods for this miracle. The only hiccup is Kathryn is a certifiable lock for Jessica (and I don’t know why). Jess is barely doing anything, so without Kat, they need one more vote, Tommy, Christie, Analyse, Jackson or Holly to have the majority. If there is anyone who can make it happen it has to be Tommy or Christie. I would hope Tommy, but the guy is too passive of a player, he doesn’t want to make any moves and he needs to be a cutthroat player if he wants to get to the end.

Jack and Jackson proved they are complete douches. Jack slept with Analyse, but is fawning over Christie who was not into this guy. However, her charm caused Jack to spill all the tea about him winning the Whacktivity comp for the second week. Ugh, this was the worst case scenario for America, but thankfully it’s a lackluster power. He got the same thing Christmas got in BB19 with the Ring of Replacement. The only difference was Christmas COULD PICK someone to play in veto Jack just has a random draw. The BB Gods blessed us with this outcome.

This totally makes me wonder what that panic power is for week 3 and how powerful it could truly be. So Kemi and Jessica, and things are not looking good for Kemi. However, Kemi just needs 6 votes. She has Cliff, Bella, Sam, Nick and Nicole. Could it happen? Possibly, but major work has to be done to get Kat to get her to keep Kemi over Jess, who would be best case scenario for team good feeds and great TV. Can you imagine a blindside in week 2 of BB similar to the blindside we got in week 1 of BB20? Glorious that is all I can say. Things ramped up mid-week and I’m back to loving “Big Brother” as I always have.