HOLLYWOOD—Another wild week, with another crazy outcome. Look I was not that sold on “Big Brother 21” at the start of the season, some of the behaviors the audience had to endure was downright brutal and vicious. However, post pre-jury things have been epic. How so? Um the audience has been seeing some strategic gameplay, people we hate get sent packing and people we love still have a fighting chance in the game.

Christie Murphy pulled off the unthinkable last week to manage to survive certain eviction and instead sent Analyse to the jury house with Jack. Yes, Christie didn’t pull one of the greatest move in “Big Brother” history, but it was damn impressive and Taco Tuesday will never be the same America. She baited Nick into an argument and ignited a fire that caused Jackson of all people to keep Christie and Holly’s constant pestering.

Major mistake for Holly and Jackson because mark my work Christie will be there downfall in the game. She has honored her promise to Jackson and Holly (we’ll talk more about that later), but this woman wants to win and she has no plans to be loyal to them to a final five people. Analyse was evicted 5-1 with Nick being the sole vote to evict Christie. However, a new twist was implemented into the game, America’s Prankster. This person would be voted by the fans to hijack the HOH and name one of their nominees for the week. I was certain that Cliff or Nicole were frontrunners, but there are always surprises in BB.

Julie announced that this week was prank week, which meant anything could happen. I was certain the next HOH would be a memory comp, where strange bird sounds and knowledge about birds would play a role. Nope, the producers totally conned the houseguests and viewers, as we learned the competition was a luck comp yet again. Why do we have so many of these? It was the iconic perfect shot, and Holly scored a literal perfect shot of 50 and she was the first to go.

It was epic, and I knew the HOH was hers and hers alone. Cliff, Nicole and Jessica received punishments where they had to pie each other, as well as other houseguests throughout the week. Holly was unnerved because she knows anything can happen this week, and with Zingbot headed to the house, who knows what other surprises are expected for the week. We had the fake HOH competition, we have America’s Prankster, there has to be more in play for viewers and the houseguest. There are rumblings of a potential reset week or non-eviction, and at first I said no way with Julie announcing someone would become the next member of the jury.

I mean we have YET to have a double eviction, and that has been a staple on the series since BB4, and there is NO WAY we’re not having a double eviction this season, I just do not see it not happening. So a reset is the only way to truly make that happen, with the schedule we still have and the number of houseguests still in the house. So we knew with certainty that Holly was targeting Nick, because Nick was planning on targeting them, however, who would the prankster nominate? I thought Nicole had this fan vote in the bag, but nope, we got stunned when it was revealed that Nick, yes, Nick of all people won the vote. That had to be a direct result of the edit during Thursday’s episode.

Nick informed the live feeders that he “needed this” and was thankful for America’s vote. The question is who would Nick nominate? We knew Jessica was a possibility, but I hoped others would be in the mix like Jackson and Christie. Jackson could go home on Holly’s HOH, go figure right! However, Nick decided to nominate Christie. This woman has been on the block for three consecutive weeks, I think she knows she is NOT loved by America people and unraveled yet again. She was after Nick last week, and Nick returned the favor by placing her on the block this week secretly.

I think Nick could have used this power as leverage to his advantage, by trying to align with Holly. He could have simply said, don’t put me up and I won’t put Jackson up. If he could have stayed off the block, it would have worked to his advantage considering how the Power of Veto played out. Nick didn’t do that and was nominated against his frenemy, Christie. Yet again, Nicole was NOT picked for the Power Of Veto, jeez this girl has to be unlucky, at this point she’s only going to play in a veto if she gets HOH or once we get down to the final six. Nicole hosted, and Tommy was also out on the sidelines.

So it was a physical comp and Jackson claimed his third POV of the season. Hello, houseguests if you don’t see that Jackson is a threat now and you don’t target him next week, you are in major, major trouble. He and Holly have traded HOHs, so they have placed a major target on their backs, and if Tommy, Christie or Jess win HOH next week they have to go after those two or they may as well, give them the game. Nick was dead in the water as Jackson noted he can’t use the POV, but his best shot at staying is against Christie.

Jackson and Holly cannot ignore that this is their third opportunity to take out Christie, and they shouldn’t pass it up. Jessica or Jackson could be the swing vote this week. Yes, many are saying Jackson, but Jess you can pull on her heartstrings. If Nick goes to her and pours his heart out he might have a chance, and I don’t think it’s impossible to get Cliff and Nicole’s vote. Would Holly and Jackson be upset at Nicole and Cliff for betraying their final four? Yes, but by taking out Christie if neutralizes Tommy, whose bestie and childhood pal is in the house without the others knowing it.

Tommy KNOWS he has to take out Jackson and Holly, and that opens up the game for Cliff and Nicole to have a chance to get to the end if you ask me. If Jessica goes, then Cliff, Nicole, Nick, Tommy and Holly could be our potential final five and I would be all for it to be honest. Not much strategy occurred this week, if anything the final eight bonded over pie fights, and scary clowns. Yes, clowns appeared in the mirror and I sense that was no coincidence people. Those clowns have to tie into things in some odd way with it being ‘Prank Week.’

I think the audience is going to be surprised come Thursday night, and if it’s a reset week, that still gives Holly the opportunity to compete for HOH, and the question we have to ask is rather Nick will still be her target or will she set her sights on Christie and Tommy. The only thing is she has to win first. I’d argue that she should have safety, but I doubt that transpires.

Nick’s only saving grace would be to throw Tommy under the bus to Jackson and Holly. Nicole has already started planting seeds, which raised flags for our showmance, but NICK need to do this himself and distance himself from Christie and Tommy; let Jackson and Holly know that Tommy is coming for them, and Tommy is tightly aligned with Christie, she will not be loyal. I’m eager for this eviction to see how ‘Prank Week’ culminates. We had Zingbot, but his zings were so underwhelming this season, they’re not worth discussing.