HOLLYWOOD—Oh, “Big Brother” just when fans think you will do the right thing you always do the complete opposite and why? Fans have known the split house was coming, however, we didn’t know how the split would transpire. If you’re going to do a split house, where you push the notion there will be NO COMMUNICATION, you need to adhere to that.

Why in the hell would Julie Chen expose the split house twist to the houseguests before forcing them to compete first and then having a random draw to determine how the house would be split. Talk about bad TV, and just stupidity. Gosh, this is why “Survivor” is the superior reality competition because they just drop the bombs on the contestants; they don’t get time to prepare which is something I thoroughly enjoy without hesitation.

Nope. Not BB they always want to clue people in on the twist before the big twist. Remember that Triple Eviction from BB22? Really you didn’t make sure the contestants didn’t see that screen with Triple Eviction lined behind it?

Not ONLY was the HOH competition a dumb one, a knockout where you have two winners, who are crowned HOH, but you don’t consider the fact that the final three people, Turner, Michael and Terrance, don’t get equal footing because one would be eliminated and one would not. You don’t do a knockout to determine the final two contestants; you do something like a quiz or an endurance competition. I know we just had one last week, so that would be difficult considering the house was split from those inside and those outside. Yeah, not a well thought out twist in my opinion people, it really was not.

In case I forgot to mention Indy got the boot this week, and I’m ok with it, she wasn’t playing the game, but now that I think of it, it may have been smarter to take out Terrance because Indy is a much more emotional player than Terrance people and she’s a wild card in the best possible way. Michael won the penultimate HOH and then Terrance was second by default.

This is where I was annoyed, not only were the houseguests allowed to chat while outside and supposedly to be separate, but they got to choose their teams! Like what the hell BB? You could have easily selected the teams via random draw. Blue chip you’re on this team, red chip you’re on that team. By allowing them to choose their teams you take the randomness and chaos that could have come from this twist. Like the fact that Kyle and Alyssa are broken up, Michael and Brittany have to game without each other. Nope, the producers at “Big Brother” don’t know how to deliver good TV people and as a result this week was done before it even started.

The teams were Michael, Brittany, Taylor, Jasmine and Monte on the inside, with Terrance, Kyle, Alyssa, Joseph and Turner on the outside. Yeah, being outside would suck and controlling the environment is harder. Planes loud traffic, it was hard to listen to the feeds and what was taking place people.

Michael was after Monte or Jasmine, Terrance was after Joseph. Kyle, who we all knew was a weak link in The Leftovers shared all with Alyssa and then Terrance to ensure he didn’t go on the block with his showmance. So The Leftovers are completely over people. Monte and Taylor don’t trust Kyle, and Michael and Brittany never planned to take Kyle to final five as he expected with Alyssa and Terrance. Kyle, Michael is a massive fan of this show; he is NOT taking a showmance to the final five where you control 2 of the 5 votes. That is just stupid. Kyle is a bit overconfident in his strategy, not realizing that Michael and Brittany are looking at Taylor and Monte as better allies to go further, but in all honesty they want Terrance in that final four with Taylor. They think they can defeat Terrance as the comps are more physical, which has been proven true in recent years, so it gives them that edge to take Terrance out at four and then move on from there.

Simply put if Kyle or Alyssa don’t win HOH this coming week, one of them is out, and I think Kyle is the biggest target to get the boot. Turner is a wild card because right now I think he is just telling Kyle what he wants to hear to remain safe, but once he discovers Kyle’s duplicity, which will indeed come out as a direct result of whoever wins HOH next week, you can expect Terrance to spill the tea quicker than one can count to three to save himself from the block.

Kyle made a great move this week exposing the truth to Terrance, but the problem is you’re banking on Michael and Brittany being solid with you; they are not, NOT even close. Michael used you Kyle to strike at Joseph to weaken his grip on Monte and Taylor. So with Brittany and Terrance winning POV, yeah, Terrance really showed up this week, Joseph is likely out and Jasmin is likely out, could Monte possibly be in danger, yes, especially after Taylor told Brittany Monte’s plan to strike at Michael at final five. Taylor what are you doing? Why can’t anyone keep a secret in this damn house! Take the information and keep your lips sealed until you have to spill.

If Michael and Brittany decide to go after Monte, it hurts their relationship with Taylor and then it immediately makes Michael the biggest target and everyone will be angling to take him out. You need a shield in Monte in the house to protect you and take a shot at Kyle, who is building an army with Terrance and Alyssa who have become a threesome, with Turner possibly being a loose ally. However, a wall yeller may have exposed Kyle, will the casuals see it on TV? Nope, but it will impact the game people.

Kyle is hoping to convince Turner to join him, but Turner as I noted is a wild card, and Joseph refused to out The Leftovers, so Kyle’s ruse of putting blame on Joseph for outing the group is not going to float. Just realized with the outside still being occupied there is no way that this week’s HOH competition is physical it is likely going to be a quiz of some sorts I thinking that Movie Poster competition that became a staple in BB20. This Final 8 HOH is going to be crucial people, so fingers crossed the right person wins so Kyle’s duplicity is exposed, but even if not things will be interesting as we reach the final 7 because I expect another double eviction headed our way where we will see two houseguests go again in the same night and if one of Kyle or Alyssa is not out, they will be at the top of the list going into that week and oh will that be delicious TV to say the least.

Terrance is taking all this in from Kyle like he’s the most loyal ally. FYI Terrance, you were Kyle’s target last week, he’s only using you for this week and who do you think is going to help you get to the end: the showmance who is loyal to one another? Dude open your eyes, you need someone to take out Kyle and Alyssa. If both Monte and Joseph goes home, this house is going to explode people, and Michael and Kyle need to be worried because they are going to be viewed as the next two big targets and there is no way they make it past the upcoming double eviction, without one or both of them getting the boot as well as Alyssa or Brittany as a potential casualty.